Slam Dunks

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NBA Nation’s mood going from
anger to apathy

By Ray Jones

Close your eyes, free your mind and tell me what you hear? No… I am not talking about the television, kids, dogs barking, music or the phone ringing. What I am talking about is the buzz / fervor / demand, or should I say the lack thereof, for the NBA.

No one seems to miss LeBron and his three quarters of unparalleled basketball brilliance (remember ‘Bron ‘Bron it IS a four quarter game). Or the intensity that is Kevin Garnett and his Boston Celtics. Or the lethal, venomous strike of Kobe Bryant, aka the “Black Mamba,” putting lesser foes to sleep on a lazy Thursday night in November. Even the quiet unassuming Chicago superstar Derrick Rose — who charms with his humble demeanor, overwhelms with basketball brilliance, and destroys his opponents with otherworldly athletic ability — has not been missed. Read more

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