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GDG rundown for the weekend of Jan. 27th – 29th

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With the NFL’s title game a week away, the other sports get a chance to shine.  That’s where Eric and Larry come in.  Sure, they’ll peer ahead one week to preview the Super Bowl.  But they’ll also get us up to date on the rest of the sports world as they broadcast from the Downtown Minneapolis studios.  The Minnesota Wild will get some needed rest this weekend.  Where do they stand as the All-Star Break hits?  Are the Timberwolves starting to figure out this winning thing?  Tiger’s back.  So are Serena & Venus.  But can Gopher men’s hoops make it back to where they were starting the Big Ten season?  And we even hear news from the world of entertainment, as an acting icon leaves her imprint on the Twin Cities.  Plus, GDG’s Tom Tuttle joins in to look at some of the biggest stories from local and international sport.

The Wild and Wolves Heating Up During the Winter

Segment 1: It doesn’t feel like an authentic Minnesota Winter, but the area’s cold-season teams are looking at warmer results in January.  Eric and Larry talk about the NHL West’s best team.  How have the Wild built the most points in the conference as they head into the All-Star Weekend?  Then, the Timberwolves seem to be closing out some victories lately?  Is a playoff spot out of the question?


The GDG Trifecta is Back: Tom Tuttle Joins the Program

Segment 2: The GDG influence grows as COO Tom Tuttle joins the proceedings.  During this portion of the show, the trio discuss a loss for legendary Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt, the growing PED suspicion presence in the MLB Hall of Fame, and the scorching hot Wild.


Eric, Larry, and Tom Turn Their Sights on Houston

Segment 3: Tom Tuttle sticks around for another few moments to chat it up with the hosts.  In this segment, the guys look ahead to next Sunday’s Super Bowl.  Which team do they like heading into Houston?  And how amazing is the coach-player duo of New England’s Bill Belichick and Tom Brady?


An Award Beyond the Gridiron; The Vikings Look at New Options?

Segment 4: Larry’s son will be up for a big award recognizing service to others.  Hear more about Larry, Jr.’s nomination.  After that, is Cordarrelle Patterson the answer for the Vikings’ potential running back hole?  And does this portend more bad luck when it comes to championship contention?


The Impact of a Lady Named Mary

Segment 5: The guys take a minute off from the sports talk to reminisce on the career of the late Mary Tyler Moore and her effect on today’s society.  Once the show veers back to athletics, we hear about the fellas’ experiences covering Super Bowls.


The Veteran Guard Returns; Are the Gophers Sinking?

Segment 6: Tiger Woods is back on the golf course this weekend.  How close is he from getting back to a resemblance of the old Tiger?  Around the world, Venus and Serena Williams have made another Grand Slam final.  How incredible is their feat at the Australian Open?  Is the NFL’s Pro Bowl relevant anywhere?  And has the shine dulled on the Gopher men’s basketball season?


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GDG rundown for the weekend of Jan. 20th-22nd

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There’s a lot of change happening this weekend, especially in Washington, D.C.  But the more some things change, the more that some things stay the same.  Eric and Larry continue their stretch of continuity from the Downtown Minneapolis studio this week.  They dig deeply into NFL Championship Weekend, looking into both of Sunday’smatchups.  They also receive insight from USA Today columnist and ESPN contributor Jarrett Bell.  We also hear from Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook and find out what honor has escaped him this year.  Plus, whom the latest MLB Hall of Fame class doesn’t feature, the Wild hit a slight bump in their hot streak, and Willie McCovey receives an unexpected gift.

Everything Leads to Minnea…I Mean, Houston

Segment 1: It’s early in 2017, but some may be looking down the road about a year out, when Minneapolis is said to be host to a pretty big game.  Eric and Larry discuss the everything that surrounds the NFL’s ultimate title game.  Back in today’s world, it’s NFL Championship Weekend, where the league’s four best teams will battle for a trip to…well…that big title game.  The guys get into this Sunday’s games, and the potential awkwardness that could result at a later date and time.


Passed By For a Starting Role

Segment 2: One of the NBA’s biggest stars made a trip to Target Center this week.  But is there a reason that Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook was left out of the starting lineup for the league’s All-Star Game?  We heard from him after the Thunder lost to Minnesota early in the week, and you’ll want to hear what he said.


Controversial Hall of Famers-To-Be?

Segment 3: The MLB Hall of Fame will get some more members after the annual selections were made on Wednesday.  But the bigger headline may continue to be the names that haven’t received the necessary votes to get the invite.  Our hosts let us know if names such as Bonds and Clemens will ever make it to Cooperstown.


A Quarterback Tale: Jarrett Bell Previews the NFC Championship

Segment 4: We head back to USA Today columnist and ESPN contributor Jarrett Bell will be in Atlanta to cover the NFC Championship Game.  He joins our show to break down the matchup.  Can the Falcons continue their impressive season?  Will the Packers get their revenge from a regular season loss at the Georgia Dome?


We’ve Seen Each Other Before: Jarrett Bell Previews the AFC Championship

Segment 5: The nightcap is touted as a showdown in Foxborough.  Jarrett Bell returns to the program to preview the AFC Championship Game between the Steelers and Patriots.  How impressive is the Pats’ run of six straight conference title appearances?  Will the Steelers be focused and ready after last week’s postgame streaming controversy?


A Little Cooler on the Ice and the Court

Segment 6: The Wild finally cooled off a bit after a big weekend after Central Division rivals.  Eric and Larry look at the team’s latest exploits on the ice.  MLB Hall of Fame member Willie McCovey receives quite a present from President Barack Obama.  Then, can Gopher men’s hoops turn their recent losing streak around against Wisconsin?


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GDG rundown for the weekend of Jan. 13th-15th

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It has been a torrid stretch for the Minnesota Wild.  Eric and Larry got caught up in the whirlwind Thursday, as they broadcast this week’s show from St. Paul’s Xcel Energy Center.  They look into this hot streak that the team has been on for the last five weeks.  And national broadcaster Kenny Albert gives his insight into the team’s recent play.  Plus, there’s a ton of other stories to get into this week.  The guys cover a big win for the Wolves, the major improvement for Gopher men’s hoops, the evolution of a new college football champion, previews of each of the weekend’s NFL Playoff games, and the lights being stomped out in San Diego.

The Wild Run Wild Over Montreal

Segment 1: The Minnesota Wild are the hottest thing going in the Twin Cities.  Our hosts got their fill on Thursday night, watching the team’s thorough victory over Montreal.  Eric and Larry break down the Wild’s hot streak.  And how can they keep it going this weekend?


Twin Cities Hoops Youth Being Served

Segment 2: The Timberwolves got an impressive win on Wednesday, defeating James Harden and the Houston Rockets.  Could this mean the Wolves are slowly turning the corner?  The Gopher men’s hoops team took a hit in East Lansing on Wednesday.  But how has this team made a big turnaround from last season’s disaster?


Postseason Pigskin Preview – Part 1

Segment 3: It’s NFL Divisional Playoff weekend.  The guys look into a couple of the matchups.  Can Houston’s defense slow down the Tom Brady and the New England offense?  Will Aaron Rodgers continue to carry the Packers as they renew their long-standing postseason rivalry with Dallas?


Tigers Show Their Stripes, and Postseason Pigskin Preview – Part 2

Segment 4: Did we mention James Harden?  The NBA MVP candidate talked after Wednesday’s loss to Minnesota (and we got a couple questions in).  There’s a new champion in college football.  Then, the NFL Playoff preview continues.  Which team has the edge when Pittsburgh travels to Kansas City?  And is Seattle primed to upset Atlanta at the Georgia Dome?


Going Around the World of Sports with National Broadcaster Kenny Albert

Segment 5: What promised to be a goalie showdown turned into a Minnesota beatdown on Thursday.  Kenny Albert provided the play-by-play for NBC Sports Network, and he chatted with us after the game.  We get his thoughts on the Bruce Boudreau effect and the stacked Metropolitan Division, as well as some NBA and NFL tidbits.


Bolts Find Sizzle in a New Home

Segment 6: On Thursday, San Diego officially found out that they will no longer be home of the Chargers.  How big of a loss is this for the city?  And did the organization make the right move by heading to Los Angeles?



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GDG rundown for the first weekend of 2017 (Jan. 6th-8th)

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It’s a new year, with new events to thrill us and controversies to confound us.  Eric and Larry cover them all from the Downtown Minneapolis studio.  There’s no way that the guys couldn’t begin the show without discussing the firing of Gopher football coach Tracy Claeys.  Along with that, we hear about the NFL Playoffs, the Timberwolves’ topsy-turvy season, the Vikings’ roller coaster season, the Wild’s hot skating, and a national title up for grabs in Tampa.  Plus, GDG’s own Tom Tuttle stops by to give his take on a controversy brewing between two fellow Northwestern alums.

Turnover for Gopher Football

Segment 1: The biggest story locally was one of the biggest stories nationally this week.  After a brief look at the upcoming NFL postseason, the guys dive into the firing of Gopher football coach Tracy Claeys.  Was it warranted?  And are there deeper issues that stem from the hierarchy over at the U of M?


The NFL’s Second Season Begins

Segment 2: The NFL Playoffs get start this weekend.  The fellas break down the opener between Oakland and Houston.  Then, they pour through any potential coaching vacancies and give their picks for the NFL’s MVP.


Home-Field Matters & The Young Wolves Adjust…Again

Segment 3: Is there a decided advantage to having a bye in the NFL Playoffs?  The guys use a familiar (and familial) example to show the difficulty of winning it all from a Wild Card Weekend spot.  After that, the Timberwolves continue their up-and-down season.  What impact has coaching had on this young roster?


Living the L.A. Dream

Segment 4: The guys revisit their trip to Los Angeles, with football and scenery on their minds.  Was last Sunday’s game the final one in the career of one Larry Fitzgerald, Jr.?  Plus, a Vikings season that began with so much promise wrapped up with yet more pain.  Eric and Larry explain what happened over the Fall.


GDG’s Tom Tuttle Takes Sides in a Battle of Wordy Wildcats

Segment 5: The Gopher football program isn’t the only center of controversy this week.  GDG’s Tom Tuttle joins the program from the Valley of the Sun to discuss a couple of fellow Northwestern graduates with some differing opinions.  But where does Tom side in the air between Brent Musberger’s assessment of Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon’s second chance and Christine Brennan’s reaction in her USA Today column?


An Untold Reasoning, A Wild Run Ends, & Bama-Clemson: Part Two

Segment 6: Our hosts get back into the Vikings’ wayward season.  Was there an underlying, underrated factor that led to the team’s collapse?  The Wild couldn’t keep their win streak going into 2017, but they stay hot as they head out West.  College football holds its national title game on Monday.  Can Clemson pull the upset over Alabama?


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GDG rundown for the final weekend of 2016 (Dec. 30th – Jan. 1st)

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It’s the last show of the year.  That means time to reflect, recollect, and, apparently, get the heck out of the studio.  Eric and Larry broadcast this week’s program while preparing for the road (suburban Twin Cities) and on the road (Phoenix), respectively.  They get into the Vikings’ collapse, elation and trepidation for the Gopher football program, the red hot Wild, the confounding Timberwolves, and the College Football Playoff.  Plus, they dig deeper into the Vikings’ fall with members from the team (Captain Munnerlyn, Xavier Rhodes, and Jerick McKinnon).


Reflecting on a Year of Loss

Segment 1: It was a somber year for Sports and Entertainment in 2016.  The guys look back at some of the losses the world of athletics suffered this year.  And, on a more superfluous note, it’s a very somber week for Vikings fans.  How did this collapse happen?


The Roller Coaster of Gopher Football

Segment 2: The Gopher football team ended their season on a high note, at least on the field.  The fellas recap the team’s Holiday Bowl victory, but they also look at the cloudy future of the program with Coach Tracy Claeys’ future in doubt.


The Ice-Melting Wild Keep Winning

Segment 3: The Wild are blazing hot as 2016 comes to an end.  Our hosts dive into the factors that have Minnesota on the tails of the Blackhawks, as well as an upcoming matchup of streaking teams.  Then, we’ll get a review of the history that resides at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Minnesota Wild winger Jason Pominville

Drop the puck….


The Young Wolves Can’t Get Rolling

Segment 4: While the Wild are surging, the Timberwolves continue to sputter.  Eric and Larry try to diagnose what has gone wrong with them.  And could there be a silver lining for fans of the squad?


From ‘Far Out’ To Just…Out: Vikings Players React to No Postseason

Segment 5: The Vikings went from the last undefeated team to home for the playoffs in 2016.  Last Saturday was the death knell, losing to the Packers in Green Bay.  Eric caught up with CBs Captain Munnerlyn and Xavier Rhode, along with RB Jerick McKinnon, for reaction on how this season went so wrong.


Settling Things on the Gridiron

Segment 6: Which teams do the guys believe will advance in the College Football Playoffs?  Which ones would they like to see win?  And what should we expect from the last week of the NFL regular season?


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GDG rundown for Christmas (and Hanukkah) weekend (Dec. 23rd-25th)

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A happy and merry Holiday season is about to hit its crescendo.  Eric and Larry light up the Downtown Minneapolis studio with their sports banter and dole out their own presents.  The lumps of coal in the Vikings’ stockings are piling up.  Fans of the Wild keep finding gifts under the icicle tree.  The Gopher football will fly to their accepted bowl destination.  And are a couple of college football stars being the equivalent of a Bowl Grinch?  We also hear from one of the greatest kickers in NFL history, Adam Vinatieri.

Colts Trample the Vikings

Segment 1: The Vikings couldn’t get up off of the mat against Indianapolis.  Are they done when it comes to a postseason berth?  Eric and Larry look at where it went wrong for the Purple.


Gophers  Will Take Their Holiday

Segment 2: The Gopher football team decided to drop their boycott and play in the Holiday Bowl.  What did this whole incident say about the state of the program.  The fellas delve into that prospect.


Wild Keep On Winning

Segment 3: Michael Phelps has a ton of Olympic gold medals, but is his number of SI cover appearances more impressive?  Then, the Wild continue racking up the points.  The guys get into the team’s hot streak as they close out the 2016 portion of their schedule.


Border Battle Implications & College Bowl Prognostications

Segment 4: The Vikings are limping into the second half of their 2016 Border Battle with the Packers.  Meanwhile, are the Pack rekindling memories of a recent Super Bowl run?  And the College Bowl season is underway.  Our hosts make some predictions for the big New Years’ Six bowl games.


GDG Kicks It With Legendary PK Adam Vinatieri

Segment 5: He may not have been a big factor in last Sunday’s win over the Vikings, but Adam Vinatieri might be the best place kicker in NFL history.  After Sunday’s game, he chatted with GDG about his career and being in yet another Playoff chase.


Over And Out-Of-Pocket

Segment 6: The guys discuss the outstanding career of one particular NFL wideout.  What’s the cost of using a walkie-talkie these days?  Then, did LSU’s Leonard Fournette and Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey do the right thing by saying “no” to playing in a bowl game?



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GDG rundown for the weekend of Dec. 16th-18th

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There’s a lot to cover on the Twin Cities’ sports horizon.  However, that all got pushed to the back burner due to some news in Dinkytown.  Eric (from Minneapolis) and Larry (from Phoenix) bring us the latest in the Gopher football team’s announcement that they will boycott all team-related activities, including their invitation to the Holiday Bowl, in lieu of 10 players being suspended.  That includes hearing from Lee Hutton, the attorney of the suspended players.  We’ll also hear about the latest on-field news for the Vikings, Timberwolves, and Wild.  Plus, MN United finally breaks ground at the site of their new stadium.

Wintry Perspective

Segment 1: Talk about opposites.  Eric and Larry look at what counts for Winter in Minneapolis and Phoenix.  Then, they preview everything that’ll be covered on this week’s show.


Purple Looking To Push Towards the Playoffs

Segment 2: The Vikings hope to continue their postseason push as they host Indianapolis on Sunday.  Will they get some help in the form of Adrian Peterson?  The fellas monitor the All-Pro running back’s return to the practice field.  And where do the Vikes stand in the P.P.P.O. (Potential Playoff Pecking Order)?


Starting the Next Stadium and Remembering A Broadcasting Lifer

Segment 3: MN United has finally broken ground on their new stadium in St. Paul.  Will this new venture into the MLS resonate and build a fan base in the Twin Cities?  Then, the guys honor the life and career of veteran Turner sports broadcaster Craig Sager.


Other Happenings in Twin Cities Sports

Segment 4: The Vikings will make a return trip to London next year.  Will there be a lot of buzz for another trip across the Atlantic?  The Wild are tallying a lot of points lately, much of it thanks to Devan Dubnyk.  After that, can the Wolves build on the momentum of a comeback win in Chicago?


GDG Chats About the Gopher Football Boycott with Attorney Lee Hutton

Segment 5: The Gopher football team turned a lot of ears their way on Thursday, when they decided to boycott their Holiday Bowl invitation due to the suspension of 10 players on the team.  Eric catches up with Lee Hutton, the attorney for the 10 suspended players, to discuss how this happened and what the team says this can be fixed.


More Reaction to the News of a Gopher Football Boycott

Segment 6: We’ve heard what Lee Hutton has to say about the potential Gopher football boycott.  What do Eric and Larry think?  They give their opinions on this matter and let us know why it’s a storyline that’s a bit too familiar for Gopher sports.


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GDG rundown for the weekend of Dec. 9th-11th

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The temperatures may be sliding as December rolls along, but the action in the sports world is hotter than ever.  Eric and Larry are in Minneapolis for this week’s show, and they get us up-to-date on all of the happenings.  The Vikings have a crucial road trip this weekend.  Gopher football is making plans for the SoCal vacation.  The college football postseason is set, with awards being doled out as well.  Plus, we’ll head inside the Arizona Cardinals’ locker room with Patrick Peterson.  And a couple of San Antonio notables (Kawhi Leonard and Gregg Popovich) chat with us after the Spurs’ trip to the Target Center.

Vikings Look For a Late-Season Push

Segment 1: Just as the Winter cold is finally settling in across the Upper Midwest, the Vikings get a reprieve.  The guys discuss the importance of the Purple’s trip to Jacksonville.  Can they stay in the postseason race?  And what effect might this have on Adrian Peterson’s ability to come back from injury?


Gophers Ready to Take a Holiday

Segment 2: The fellas start the segment by keeping the discussion in Florida.  They look into the newest iteration of the Miami Dolphins’ football home.  Then, another Twin Cities team will be thinking about fun & sun this month.  We hear about the Gophers’ upcoming trip to play in the Holiday Bowl.


College Football’s Super Semifinals are Set

Segment 3: Our hosts continue the college football talk during this segment.  The national semifinals are set.  Do the guys like what they see from the CFP committee?  Plus, the Heisman Trophy will be awarded this weekend?  Will the ceremony be a Lamar Jackson coronation?


Defending His Turf: Arizona Cardinals’ CB Patrick Peterson Talks with GDG

Segment 4: Are the Arizona Cardinals still in the hunt for a playoff berth?  All-Pro cornerback Patrick Peterson tells us why their win over Washington was a crucial first step.  And the accolades continue to pile up for one Larry Fitzgerald, Jr.


Spinning & Winning Spurs: GDG Chats with Kawhi Leonard & Gregg Popovich

Segment 5: The NBA’s model franchise made its way into town to face the Timberwolves.  Eric and Larry caught up with San Antonio Spurs star guard Kawhi Leonard and head coach Gregg Popovich after Tuesday night’s game in Minneapolis.


More Talk on the Week’s Sports Headlines

Segment 6: What will come of the dust-up caused by the proposal that MN United has to host exhibition matches at U.S. Bank Stadium?  How will the Wild keep their recent points streak going?  How hot is the MLB Hot Stove right now?  The fellas answer all of those questions and more to close out the show.


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