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GDG rundown for Sept. 29th – Oct. 1st

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This has been a wild week in sports.  From controversy to title hopes, there’s a lot for Eric and Larry to tackle.  They do so from the Downtown Minneapolis studio.  The Twins are back in the postseason for the first time in seven years.  How did they do it after last year’s disastrous run?  There’s no way they can go the entire show without touching on the NFL player protests last weekend.  GDG’s Tom Tuttle offers his opinion on whether this is the right way to go.  The Vikings rebounded against Tampa Bay.  Will the momentum continue against Detroit?  The Lynx are in a battle to win their fourth WNBA championship.  Plus, former Gopher football player and athletic director Dr. McKinley Boston joins the program to speak on the 50th anniversary of the last Gopher football Big Ten champ and his road to becoming Dr. Boston.

Twins Turnaround is Complete

Segment 1: You better believe it!  The Twins became the first team in MLB history to make the postseason a year after experiencing a 100-plus loss season.  Eric and Larry take some time to explain the remarkable turnaround at Target Field.  And whom would the guys name as the team’s MVP?


NFL Protests Grab the Headlines

Segment 2: It’s the hot-button issue of the week.  The NFL player protests during the national anthem caught the interest of President Donald Trump, and then it blossomed.  Our hosts look into everything that went on last Sunday and Monday.  Did this also leak into which championship teams will be showing up at the White House?  And do the Vikings have something in Case Keenum?


The Heart of the Matter: GDG’s Tom Tuttle Discusses Player Protests

Segment 3: The NFL player protest hits a lot of people at home.  That includes GDG CFO Tom Tuttle.  He joins the program to share his thoughts on this headline that’s staying on the front page.  The three gentlemen bat around the idea of whether the actions taken by the players are disrespectful or not.


Gopher’s Golden Age: Dr. McKinley Boston Remembers Gopher Glory

Segment 4: This year marks the 50th anniversary of the last Gopher football team to win at least a piece of the Big Ten championship.  Dr. McKinley Boston was part of that team.  We’re honored to have the former player and U of M athletic director on the program to discuss that team and what college athletics looks like today.


Beyond the Field: Dr. Boston Looks Into Fifty Years of Change

Segment 5: The conversation takes a turn as Dr. Boston stays with us for a few more minutes.  He tells us about the path he took to earn a doctorate.  What’s changed on the U of M campus since his days in the Dinkytown neighborhood?  And how have opportunities changed over those 50 years?


Inches of Separation & Vikings Making a Case

Segment 6: The Lynx let Game 1 get away, then they held on to take Game 2.  What will they show in the rest of their WNBA Finals series against the Sparks?  Then, they head back to the Vikings.  Can the Case Keenum train continue to build steam with Detroit coming into town this Sunday?

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