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Final GDG rundown of 2017 (Dec. 29th-31st)

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As we approach the beginning of a new year, it’s important to takes stock in the close-knit nature of the “fam”.  Eric and Larry are miles apart this week (Eric’s in Downtown Minneapolis, while Larry’s in Phoenix), but the “fam” feeling is always present.  The GDG fam gets together, as Tom Tuttle joins the program to chat about the life of Dick Enberg and the newest class of Gopher football recruits.  And Larry gets in touch with more fam.  Arizona Cardinals All-Pro wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Jr. brings his love and knowledge of the game to the program.  Sit back and enjoy the “fam” reunion as we roll out of 2017 and into the New Year.

Vikings Hoping To Give Postseason Cold Shoulders

Segment 1: It’s downright frigid in the Upper Midwest.  But could the Vikings be red hot at the right time of the season?  The guys look into the Purple’s regular season finale against Chicago.  How important is home field advantage for the team during the playoffs?  And which postseason-bound teams are our hosts watching?


Tom Tuttle Remembers a Legend at the Mic

Segment 2: No matter the sport, you knew it was a big event if Dick Enberg was on the call.  GDG CFO Tom Tuttle joins the program to honor the late broadcasting legend.  After that, are the Timberwolves finally starting to show the promise that all the preseason hype brought about?


Gopher Boat Gets Revved Up?  Tom Tuttle Talks the Recruiting Trail

Segment 3: Did P.J. Fleck hit a home run with his early-season recruiting class?  Tom Tuttle offers his impressions of the Gopher coach’s effort.  Um…how did Vikings safety Harrison Smith not make the Pro Bowl?


Talkin’ to the Fitz: Larry Fitzgerald, Jr. Appears on the Program

Segment 4: The family is finally together!  Larry, Sr. is out in the Desert Southwest to see his son.  So, why not have both legends on the show at the same time.  Larry Fitzgerald, Jr. makes a special appearance to talk with his father and Eric about his approach to playing football and leading an honorable life off the field.


Football’s Life Lessons from Larry Fitzgerald, Jr.

Segment 5: Larry Fitzgerald, Jr. takes a little more time to cover a few topics regarding the sport which will soon sport his bust in its Hall of Fame.  What playoff team is best equipped to make a Super Bowl run?  Is the NFL starting on a downturn regarding fan interest?  Does he let his kids play the game?  And how many countries has he traveled to?


A Frozen Anniversary & Pink May Be Their Color

Segment 6: It’s pretty appropriate that this cold snap comes along on the 50th anniversary of the most famous cold-weather NFL game ever.  Eric and Larry, Sr. reminisce on the Ice Bowl.  Then, not everything will be happy-go-lucky come New Years’ Day.  The guys discuss coaches that get the axe on the Monday after the regular season.

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