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GDG rundown for the lead-up weekend to Christmas (Dec. 22nd-24th)

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As we approach the Christmas holiday, many are spending time with family and stirring up all kinds of conversation.  Our GDG family doesn’t need a holiday to keep the chatter going…it’s a 52-week habit.  Eric and Larry are back in the Minneapolis studio this week, wishing you Christmas cheer and dishing out some sports frivolity.  There’s a lot of discussion about the Vikings winning the NFC North.  There’s some explanation of the status of Kevin Garnett’s relationship with the Timberwolves.  There’s a bit of the NFL playoff picture.  And there are a whole lot of guests.  We’ll hear from Adam Thielen, Eric Kendricks, Jerick McKinnon, Jimmy Butler, Jamal Crawford, and the Honorable Alan Page.

Wolves and KG Not Seeing Eye to Eye?

Segment 1: It’s a festive mood in the studio as Eric and Larry talk a bit about their Christmas traditions.  But not all things are so sweet this time of year.  Will Kevin Garnett get his jersey retired at Target Center?  The guys discuss the future Hall of Fame member and his relationship with the Timberwolves franchise.


Vikings Wary of Packer Vengeance

Segment 2: The Vikings are NFC North champions.  However, their regular season work isn’t done yet.  Our hosts dig into Saturday night’s tussle in Green Bay.  Do the Packers have anything to play for other than pride?  Will the big injury from the first Border Battle matchup play a role?  And will the Purple keep an eye on the NFC South?


A Wacky Week Across the NFL

Segment 3: There were some wild moments during Week 15 of the NFL season.  Who thought that an index card could decide a football game…without a play being drawn up on it?!?  Did another catch controversy cost the Steelers a shot at a Super Bowl berth?  Plus, one NFL owner is selling his team after serious allegations come to light.


Renowned World Traveler Tom Tuttle Describes His Latest Journey

Segment 4: Tom Tuttle isn’t just Gameday Gold’s CFO.  The Soup Man is also a traveler of the world.  This week, he joins the show to tell us about his trip to the Dominican Republic.  He explains the island’s big influence on the American game of baseball.


The Locker Room is the Place To Be

Segment 5: So many interviews, so little time…so we give you a cornucopia of them in one handful.  From the Vikings’ locker room, Adam Thielen, Eric Kendricks, and Jerick McKinnon talk about the feeling of being NFC North champs.  Then, from the Wolves’ locker room, Jimmy Butler and Jamal Crawford take stock of where the team is at about one-third of the way through the season.


The Honorable Alan Page Gets Us Ready for the Big Event

Segment 6: As we close in of the event known as Super Bowl LII, you might be looking for something to pass the time prior to the big game.  Why not let an NFL Hall of Fame member and former MN Supreme Court Justice help you out?  The Honorable Alan Page tells us about a special exhibit he’s putting together, as well as his recollections of playing in that same event.



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