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GDG rundown for the weekend of Nov. 3rd-5th

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In the middle of all the football, a wild World Series broke out.  Always willing to cover the absurd world of sports, Eric and Larry are in the Downtown Minneapolis studio, ready to bring you this week’s program.  The Timberwolves are also in the news, riding a four-game winning streak into the weekend.  But is everything rainbows and gumdrops for the young Wolves?  The Vikings are riding high into their bye week.  Where do they stand midway through the season?  The Gophers look to grab a trophy against Michigan.  A young NFL star puts a spotlight on the rash of brutal injuries in the sports.  And, of course, we have to hear reaction to the World Series.  That’s provided by GDG’s own Tom Tuttle and USA Today columnist Bob Nightengale.


The Wolves Respond to a Bad Stretch
Segment 1: The Timberwolves appear to be finding their way after a staggering against Indiana and Detroit.  But are there downsides to this winning streak?  Eric and Larry look into the good and the bad of the recent stretch.  And when was the last time the a Wolves team started off this well.


NFL Injuries Keep Piling Up
Segment 2: The NFL has reached the midpoint of the season, with an all too familiar headline hitting the news on Thursday.  The fellas discuss Texans rookie quarterback DeShaun Watson going down for the season by tearing his ACL…from practice.  What impact does this, and other key injuries, have on the NFL?


College Football Chatter: Rivalries & Playoff Dreams
Segment 3: The Gophers couldn’t get one of their treasured trophies last week at Iowa.  They have another chance this Saturday when they go to Michigan.  Can P.J. Fleck “coach ’em up” for a big game at the Big House?  Then, the first College Football Playoff Poll is out.  Our guys break down the positioning for the Playoff.


A Wild World Series: Reaction from GDG’s Tom Tuttle
Segment 4: So. what did you think of that World Series?  Tom Tuttle has plenty to say about the 2017 Fall Classic.  Gameday’s CFO joins the program to talk about a wild to-and-‘fro between Houston and Los Angeles.


A Wild World Series Redux: Reaction from USA Today‘s Bob Nightengale
Segment 5: Even if you didn’t think that the 2017 World Series was a classic, you’d have to admit that it was entertaining.  USA Today baseball writer Bob Nightengale followed every moment of it and dives into the details.  Did the actual ball have something to do with the home run explosion?  Are Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa the next big duo of MLB?  Did analytics do the Dodgers in?


Clear Sailing to the Bye for the Vikes
Segment 6: The Vikings are looking good, sporting a 6-2 record as they go into their bye week.  Could more news be coming out of the break?  The guys take stock of where the Purple stand midway through their season.  Plus, they ponder of whether Teddy Bridgewater could be ready to return to the field.

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