NFL Picks Week 14

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Vikes-Pats in a Minnesota Super Bowl?

Scott Taylor

“The Coach”

Dr. Football

“Dr. Football”



The Coach and Dr. Football
December 6, 2017
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Love him or hate him, Tom Brady is proving once again that he’s the best quarterback in the game. Brady and his defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots are 10-2, best in the AFC East, tied with Pittsburgh for the No. 1 spot in the AFC and have scored more points than any other team in the conference.

If the Patriots go back to the Super Bowl, no one will be surprised.

Meanwhile, the Minnesota Vikings are tied with the Philadelphia Eagles for the top spot in the NFC. Both teams are 10-2, although Carson Wentz and the Eagles have scored 76 more points than the Vikings and have given up only 11 more. If anyone was placing a wager today, they’d bet the farm on the Eagles.

Still, the Vikings’ Case Keenum has been better at quarterback than most people expected, the Vikes are better at runningback without Adrian Peterson and Adam Thielen (or Kyle Rudolph) might just be the best receiver in the game. And, of course, there is that spectacular Vikings defense that essentially won last week’s game in Atlanta all by itself (Julio Who?) and has allowed fewer points than any other team in the NFC.

“I think they believe and that they have believed before, but the more you win and you go into someone else’s stadium and win against a good football team, I think it continues to add to your confidence as we go forth,” Zimmer said after the Vikings win in Atlanta last Sunday. “They were happy in the locker room, but they understand we haven’t really done anything yet. We haven’t won the division and we have a way to go. How we play in December is going to be real important.”

So far, the Vikings have been fundamentally sound in just about every way. They’ve won eight straight and a win this Sunday against the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte will give the Vikes their second NFC North title in three years.

Of course, all of that means that the Vikings just might face the Patriots (or somebody else, sure) in the 2018 Super Bowl in downtown Minneapolis. Long shot? Of course. Feasible? Quite.

And as long as we keep betting the Vikings, The Coach and Dr. Football will continue to put money in the bank.

Last week Dr. Football went 12-4 (134-58) and 11-5 (107-85) against the spread while The Coach went 13-3 (136-56) and 12-4 (116-76) against the spread. We’re making so much money this year we actually opened an account at that bank in the Caymans.

There are no byes this week, so let’s take a close look at Week 14. These picks will be almost as golden as the gold on the Vikings’ jerseys.




New Orleans Saints (9-3) at Atlanta Falcons (7-5)
Line: Saints by 2

These two teams score a lot of points when they play each other. The Falcons didn’t put up many last week against Minnesota, but they’ll regroup nicely here.

Dr. Football: Take the Falcons in an upset.

The Coach: Take the Saints to win and cover.



Detroit Lions (6-6) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-8)

Even if Matthew Stafford does play, what will be be able to offer? Jameis Winston will lead the Bucs to a home victory.

Dr. Football: Take the Buccaneers to win.

The Coach: Take the Buccaneers.

Chicago Bears (3-9) at Cincinnati Bengals (5-7)
Line: Bengals by 6

The Bears actually aren’t that terrible; seven of their losses have come by eight points or less. Cincinnati will win, but the Bears will keep it close.

Dr. Football: Take the Bengals to win but not cover.

The Coach: Take the Bengals to win and cover.

Indianapolis Colts (3-9) at Buffalo Bills (6-6)

If Tyrod Taylor is good to go, the Bills will have an easy afternoon. If he’s out with the bum knee, the Bills still should win, but not by much.

Dr. Football: Take the Bills to win

The Coach: Take the Bills to win.

Oakland Raiders (6-6) at Kansas City Chiefs (6-6)
Line: Chiefs by 4

Look for K.C. to regroup at home after being embarrassed by Geno Smith…if that’s not a wakeup call, I don’t know what is.

Dr. Football: Take the Chiefs to win and cover.

The Coach: Take the Chiefs to win and cover.

Minnesota Vikings (10-2) at Carolina Panthers (8-4)
Line: Vikings by 3

The Vikings play their second consecutive road game which is tough. Cam Newton and company should have learned from what the Falcons did wrong last week, and get the home win.

Dr. Football: Take the Panthers in an upset.

The Coach: Take the Vikings to win and cover.

Green Bay Packers (6-6) at Cleveland Browns (0-12)
Line: Packers by 3

This could be the last time we see Brett Hundley at quarterback; Aaron Rodgers should be back next week. Can’t see the Browns getting their first win against a team that still has a shot.

Dr. Football: Take the Packers to win and cover.

The Coach: Take the Browns.

San Francisco 49ers (2-10) at Houston Texans (4-8)
Line: Texans by 3

The 49ers won in Jimmy Garoppolo’s first start, but this is a second straight road game against a team that hasn’t been home in three weeks. Lightning won’t strike twice for Jimmy.

Dr. Football: Take the Texans to win and cover.

The Coach: Take the Texans to win and cover.

Dallas Cowboys (6-6) at New York Giants (2-10)
Line: Cowboys by 4

There’s no doubt Eli Manning will be fired up at home in this one, but with all the turmoil there’s no way the Giants can pull it together against Dallas.

Dr. Football: Take the Cowboys to win and cover.

The Coach: Take the Cowboys to win and cover.



Washington Redskins (5-7) at Los Angeles Chargers (6-6)
Line: Chargers by 6

With Washington’s backfield being banged up, the Chargers and their sixth-ranked passing defense should have little trouble here.

Dr. Football: Take the Chargers to win and cover.

The Coach: Take the Chargers to win and cover (unless the game is postponed or moved due to the first fires in L.A.)

New York Jets (5-7) at Denver Broncos (3-9)
Line: Jets by 1

After a Week 2 blowout loss in Oakland, the Jets have played well on the road, while the Broncos haven’t played well anywhere. But something tells me they will rebound in front of their faithful.

Dr. Football: Take the Broncos in an upset.

The Coach: Take the Broncos

Tennessee Titans (8-4) at Arizona Cardinals (5-7)
Line: Titans by 3

Arizona’s defense is tough, but won’t be able to handle the Texans even at home.

Dr. Football: Take the Titans to win and cover.

The Coach: Take the Titans to win and cover.

Seattle Seahawks (8-4) at Jacksonville Jaguars (8-4)
Line: Jaguars by 2.5

Seattle woke up last week against the Eagles, but Jacksonville can see the Division title within their reach.

Dr. Football: Take the Jaguars to win and cover.

The Coach: Take the Jags to win and cover.

Philadelphia Eagles (10-2) at Los Angeles Rams (9-3)
Line: Rams by 2.5

After last week’s beat down in Seattle, the Eagles find themselves on the west coast again in another tough stadium to win.

Dr. Football: Take the Rams to win and cover.

The Coach: Take the Rams to win and cover (that is, if there is a game re: fires in L.A.)



Baltimore Ravens (7-5) at Pittsburgh Steelers (10-2)
Line: Steelers by 5

After that extremely physical game last Monday, Pittsburgh faces a tough challenge at home against another tough team. Expect a low scoring game.

Dr. Football: Take the Steelers to win but not cover.

The Coach: Take the Steelers to win but not cover.



New England Patriots (11-2) at Miami Dolphins (6-7)
Line: Patriots by 11

Tom Brady already has passed for four touchdowns against the Fish. Even without Gronk, he’ll have no trouble on a Monday night.

Dr. Football: Take the Patriots to win and cover.

The Coach: Take the Patriots to win but not cover.

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