NHL Expansion Draft: The Knights Are Now on the Clock

by Gameday Gold Staff | June 18, 2017 3:41 pm


Scott Taylor

By Scott Taylor

The Las Vegas Draft

The Las Vegas Knights are now on the clock. All 30 National Hockey League teams have released their protected lists and available players for the 2017 NHL Expansion Draft and the Knights have until 12 Noon (CST) on Wednesday to make their selections.

There are some good players available, depending on their contract status, such as goalies Petr Mrazek and Marc-Andre Fleury, defensemen Josh Manson, Marco Scandella, Matt Dumba, Jason Demers, Mark Methot, Sami Vatanen and Kevin Shattenkirk and forwards T.J. Oshie, Marcus Kruger, Eric Staal, David Perron, Carl Hagelin, Dustin Brown, Ryan Strome, Marian Gaborik, Vladimir Sobotka, Joe Thornton, Darren Helm and James Neal.

Las Vegas will have plenty of decisions to make. Take a UFA and try to sign him (like 30-year-old Oshie)? Wait until after the draft and take a run at a few UFAs? Claim vets, young unproven players or a combination? Grab some old Wheat Kings like Eric Fehr and Matt Calvert (after all, Kelly McCrimmon is assistant GM)?

The Wild have left Matt Dumba, Erik Haula, Marco Scandella and Eric Staal unprotected. I would not be surprised if one of that group was the player selected by Las Vegas and with McCrimmon’s knowledge of the Western Hockey League, I’d place a large bet that it will be Dumba.

Minnesota Wild Defenseman Matthew Dumba

Matt Dumba is on the Las Vegas Knights “Available List”…

The Knights must take one player from each team and a minimum of 14 forwards, nine defensemen and three goaltenders.

The selections will be announced at the NHL Awards Ceremony on Thursday night in Las Vegas.


The following linked-lists

 courtesy of the National Hockey League:

Anaheim Ducks[1] Arizona Coyotes[2] Boston Bruins[3]
Buffalo Sabres[4] Calgary Flames[5] Carolina Hurricanes[6]
Chicago Blackhawks[7] Colorado Avalanche[8] Columbus Blue Jackets[9]
Dallas Stars[10] Detroit Red Wings[11] Edmonton Oilers[12]
Florida Panthers[13] Los Angeles Kings[14] Minnesota Wild[15]
Montreal Canadiens[16] Nashville Predators[17] New Jersey Devils[18]
New York Islanders[19] New York Rangers[20] Ottawa Senators[21]
Philadelphia Flyers[22] Pittsburgh Penguins[23] San Jose Sharks[24]
St. Louis Blues[25] Tampa Bay Lightning[26] Toronto Maple Leafs[27]
Vancouver Canucks[28] Washington Capitals[29] Winnipeg Jets[30]
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