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The Boys Like Tom Brady’s Revenge

By The Coach and Dr. Football

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — When the all-morning-afternoon Super Bowl LI Preview Show begins on Sunday, you will hear the name Tom Brady early and often. In fact, it might be one of the only names you hear all day and for most of the evening.

Sure, commentators will mention Atlanta’s Matt Ryan and Julio Jones and Patriots receivers Julian Edelman and Martellus Bennett, but for the most part, you’re going to hear about Brady.

You’ll hear about his four Super Bowl victories in six appearances. You’ll hear about Deflategate and his four-game suspension to start the season. You’ll hear about his celebrity Super Model wife and you might even hear about his cozy relationship with Donald Trump. He’s an easy guy to hate, but you can’t deny his ability to lead an NFL team to more than one Super Bowl championship.

However, while I’ll be the first to admit that Brady is the best in the game, I would like to add five other names to the list: LT Nate Solder, LG Joe Thuney, C David Andrews, RG Shaq Mason and RT Marcus Cannon. Especially Solder. He’s the 6-foot-8, 325-pound blindside offensive tackle. Sure, Tom Brady is great, but without Solder, a six-year veteran who has been in this situation before, Brady isn’t quite as great.

The reason Tom Brady gets a dozen steamboats to throw almost every time is because the Patriots offensive line is so good – and Solder is the best of a very good bunch. He was born in Denver, played at the University of Colorado and he makes $8.54 million per season. He’s good, the Pats know it and inside the locker room, he’s a star.

Outside the locker room, he’s just like any offensive lineman – anonymous. But when Sunday’s 51st Super Bowl is over and the New England Patriots hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy for the fifth time in Tom Brady’s career, somebody will notice the Hawgs. I will be one of those people.

Solder, like Brady is a winner. The Coach and Dr. Football are also winners. This season, we’ll enter the Super Bowl with championship records. In the conference finals, Dr. Football went 1-1 (173-93) straight up and 1-1 (141-125) against the spread while The Coach went 1-1 straight up (176-90) and 1-1 (140-126) against the spread. This week, we agree once again:

Let’s take a closer look at the 51st Super Bowl and remember, keep an eye on Solder, Thuney, Andrews, Mason and Cannon. They will be the difference in the outcome.



SUPER BOWL LI at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Tex.

AFC Champion New England Patriots (16-2) vs. NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons (13-5)

LINE: New England plus three

The motivation of Ol’ Roger having to shake Tom Brady’s hand will be all the Patriots need to destroy Atlanta. The Coach says: The NFL decided to punish Brady four games for what should have been a 10-yard penalty. And it would have been if the league had its act together. As a result, there is a very good chance that the Super Bowl could be a Super Bore. If Brady plays his game, the Pats will win by three touchdowns. It’s going to be a tough night for all those Brady/Belichick haters. You people can just thank the league and Commissioner Smug for being so stupid.

Dr. Football: Take New England to win and cover

The Coach: Take New England to win and cover.


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