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GDG rundown for the weekend of Feb. 9th-11th

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How do you come off of the “hustle-and-bustle” high of hosting a Super Bowl?  Well, the Twin Cities does have some other sports news going on.  Eric and Larry are back in the Downtown Minneapolis studio to bring you up-to-date on all of the headlines.  Of course, they break down everything that happened from the week of Super Bowl LII, from the game to the atmosphere to the security.  However, that’s not all that we’ll bring you this week.  The guys will touch on the Wild, Wolves, and Gopher men’s hoops.  Plus, USA Today baseball writer Bob Nightengale looks into the quiet offseason and ahead to Spring Training.

Twin Cities Get Their Super Bowl Grades
Segment 1: The Twin Cities survived its second time hosting a Super Bowl.  How did it do?  The guys were all over the place during the festivities, so they had a unique vantage point for everything that happened.


Coordinating the Next Move
Segment 2: One of the biggest stories to come post-Super Bowl was the U-turn that Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels made regarding the Indianapolis head coaching job.  Did he make the right decision?  What about the backlash?  Our hosts dig into the messy scenario.  Then, do coordinators looking at the next position cost their current teams in the postseason?


The Eagles Fly to their First Lombardi Trophy
Segment 3: Going back to the game last Sunday, we hear from a couple of guys that took in everything a Minneapolis Super Bowl had to offer…Kansas City’s newest starting QB, Pat Mahomes, and Twin Cites native Larry Fitzgerald, Jr.  After that, it’s time to give some love to the Eagles.  How did the team bring Philadelphia its first NFL title since 1960?


More to Winter Than Just Football
Segment 4: The Winter Olympics get underway in South Korea.  The Wild are still hovering close to the postseason cut line as the season slides within the two-month mark to go.  The Wolves are trying to overcome their struggles with the East and on the road.  Eric and Larry dive into some of the other Winter sports that are emerging into the spotlight.


Where’s the Heat?  Bob Nightengale Talks MLB Moves and Spring Training
Segment 5: One thing to look forward to after football ends?  That would be the sounds and sights of Spring Training.  But why are there so many unsigned free agents as we close in on pitchers and catcher reporting?  USA Today‘s Bob Nightengale joins the program to discuss the lukewarm Hot Stove.  Plus, how has the MLB preseason turned a profit?


Gopher Hoops in Free Fall; NFL Legends Shine
Segment 6: The Gopher men’s basketball team is having an awful time of it in the Big Ten.  Will it turn before the end of the season?  Then, it’s back to the pigskin.  The latest class to be enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame was announced.  Plus, Larry gives Eric some hard-hitting questions about the league.

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