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GDG rundown for the weekend of Jan. 12th-14th

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Football has taken center stage as we settle into the New Year.  Now, the Twin Cities gets to join in on the fun.  And, just in time for this…the band is back together!  Eric takes his seat in Minneapolis, and Larry makes his triumphant return as he checks in from Phoenix.  The NFL is very prominent in this week’s show, with the Vikings ready to take the field against the Saints.  Legendary Vikings tailback Chuck Foreman offers his thoughts for the matchup.  Plus, we do talk a little hockey when Scott Taylor drops in.

Welcome Back, Big Fitz
Segment 1: Larry is back after a week away from the program.  He talks about the reason for his absence with Eric and how it puts the games we enjoy others playing in perspective.


What First Comes Around
Segment 2: The Vikings are back to work, getting ready for their first foray into the current NFL playoffs.  The guys give their thoughts on the matchup with New Orleans.  Why could this be a different outcome than the Purple’s win in Week 1?


Flying High: Scott Taylor Talks Jets Hockey
Segment 3: The NHL season is rapidly approaching the All-Star Break.  GDG’s own Scott Taylor provides an update on one of the NHL’s hottest teams.  Have the Winnipeg Jets turned the corner?


Chuck Foreman Looks Into a Postseason Standoff
Segment 4: With the Vikings preparing for another postseason run, we get a preview of Sunday’s game with former Purple running back Chuck Foreman.  How did the offensive line improve?  How fun will the running back matchup be?  How will Case Keenum fare against Drew Brees?


Super Bowl Plans with Chuck Foreman
Segment 5: So, what’s Chuck Foreman going to do in the lead-up to the Super Bowl?  He lets us know.  Plus, what do the Vikings need to look out for when it comes to the Saints?


The Rest from the NFL Playoffs and the CFP Title Game
Segment 6: Our hosts have covered the Vikings-Saints showdown.  How do they see the rest of Divisional Playoff weekend?  And Alabama tops the college football world again.


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