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Gameday Gold Radio – November 17, 2017 – s.6

An International Mishap & Honors that Confuse and Astound

Segment 6: What do President Trump, the Ball family, college basketball, and shoplifting have in common?  The guys discuss this near-miss of an international incident in China.  Colin Kaepernick gets an honor from a major magazine.  A couple of Twins (A.L. Manager of the Year Paul Molitor and Platinum Glove winner Byron Buxton) get some accolades for a season’s worth of work.

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Gameday Gold Radio – November 17, 2017 – s.4

The Winds Shaking College Football

Segment 4: The Turnover Chain is the hottest item in college football.  Our hosts take a peek at the team that brought it to light…The U.  Miami’s win over Notre Dame put the Hurricanes in the national playoff picture.  Could Wisconsin get squeezed out of the CFP, even if they go undefeated.  Plus, the Gophers are trying to get bowl eligible at Northwestern.  What are their chances for success?

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Gameday Gold Radio – November 17, 2017 – s.3

Zero is the Wild’s Favorite Number

Segment 3: Did Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor deserve to get benched for a rookie?  The Wild were on a shutout streak heading into Thursday.  Eric and Larry take a look at the main man responsible for it.  Then, Minneapolis roads and venues are getting ready for the Super Bowl.  We’re your place to hear “Traffic on the 52s”.

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Gameday Gold Radio – November 17, 2017 – s.1

It’s another week with major headlines across the sports world.  Who better to cover them all than Eric and Larry.  They’re back together in the Downtown Minneapolis studio for this week’s edition.  And it’s going to be quite the weekend in the Twin Cities.  The Vikings try to keep a playoff spot and a bye in their sights when the battle the Rams.  The Timberwolves try to keep the winning ways alive.  The Wild build an impressive streak against their opposition.  Gopher football has a chance to go bowling.  The Twins get some well-deserved accolades.  And that’s just the local stories.  To go along with everything, we’ll hear from the Playmaker himself, NFL Hall of Fame member Michael Irvin.

Horns-A-Plenty at the Bank

Segment 1: A showdown is set for Sunday in Downtown Minneapolis.  The guys look back on the history of the Vikings-Rams series.  We get a heads up on the revival of that series, with both teams sporting sparkling 7-2 records.  How big of a game is this for both squads?

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Gameday Gold Radio – November 10, 2017 – s.5

GDG’s Scott Taylor Talks Canadian Sports & Wild Hockey
Segment 5: One of our hosts had plans to maintain, but one of our contributors steps right in for the latter portion of the show.  GDG’s Scott Taylor connects from Winnipeg and kicks off the segment by talking the impact of MLS on the north side of the border.  Is Montreal on the short track to get another MLB franchise?  And are the Wild placing doom over their playoff chances before Thanksgiving?
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Gameday Gold Radio – November 10, 2017 – s.4

Gophers Digging More Holes & Wolves Look to Rebound
Segment 4: The father might be the media darling, but the son isn’t far behind.  The fellas look at the rising profile of Larry Fitzgerald, Jr.  Then, can the Gopher football team turn things around when they face Nebraska?  And the Timberwolves’ winning streak couldn’t last forever.  But they’re still on solid ground early on.
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Gameday Gold Radio – November 10, 2017 – s.3

Remembering an Ace & Going for Some Gold
Segment 3: The sports world is not all smiles this week.  Baseball is mourning the sudden and tragic passing of former Cy Young-winning pitcher Roy Halladay.  However, there are brighter stories from the diamond.  Our guys discuss the Gold Glove-winning attributes of Twins’ stars Byron Buxton and Brian Dozier.  Plus, will the Twins be proactive during this Hot Stove season?