Thomas U. Tuttle

Talking football in Paraíso del Béisbol

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by Thomas U. Tuttle


It was Minnesota Twins pitcher Ervin Santana’s birthday on the day I arrived in La Romana, Dominican Republic this past December 12th. I know this because my taxi driver, Ernesto, let me know the fact when I told him I was from Minnesota.

“Ah, the Twins,” he said. “Today is the birthday of the best pitcher on your team.” He then revealed that his amigo Santana was turning 35 years old this very day, while also indicating his broader knowledge of US sports when he added that the Vikings were his “favorite US football team.”

Yep, the Purple are big even in the Carribean, where baseball is the far-and-away king of sport, with a four-team winter league underway while I was there. I thoroughly enjoyed the contest between San Pedro de Macoris – hometown of Miguel Sano – and Santo Domingo, home of numerous Big Leaguers.

Dominican’s makeup over 12% of the Major Leagues, and the influence of the US national pastime on their island is deep and profound – and fodder for another story, soon to come.

The Vikings, meanwhile, are becoming inescapable anywhere one travels, given the enormous popularity of the National Football League combined with the quality of this year’s winning squad.

When I asked Ernesto if he knew the name of the team’s quarterback, he drew a blank, but he said that he could show me Sammy Sosa’s house at Casa de Campo resort complex… Maybe next time, señor!

Hey, Case Keenum has been flying under the radar for a lot of people, even solid fans around the USA! The man with the excellent passer rating and exceptional quarterback skills has been winning football games and converts at about the same pace over the last several weeks

Keenum has improved over the course of the season, stepping in and stepping up. This week he’ll lead the 11-3 Vikings to Green Bay, where the Purple Gang will continue their effort to secure home field advantage for the NFL Playoffs.

It’s going to be about 70 degrees cooler on Sunday than it was in the DR last week, roughly 85° versus 15° farenheit.

Not baseball weather, eh Ernesto? The Big E (as I called him, a true gentleman for putting up with my bad Spanish) thinks that the Twins might make it to the World Series behind Sano and Santana, but doesn’t necessarily have a pick for the Super Bowl. “Maybe Minnesota, eh?”

Yes, maybe the Vikings. And while that might cost the league a bit of revenue, with numerous fans rolling into town all the way from the south metro, it could happen. The Philadelphia Eagles loom as a team to beat, if things were to play out a certain way, and I’m still hurting from being hammered out in Philly a few years ago – both on the field and in the restaurant following the game.

It might have been the last year of the jail in the bowels of Lincoln Financial stadium, I’m not sure. But there were a few thugs being held near the base of the press elevator. Philly is tough, the fans are rough, and my belief is that Minnesota’s road to a home Super Bowl game is going to run through Philadelphia.

It is a shame about their QB Carson Wentz going out for the season, but look for Nick Foles to play the Case Keenum role for a solid Eagles team with another tough defense.

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Eric Nelson

SPORTS NUGGETS: T’Wolves color rush is a bold look

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By Eric Nelson
December 20, 2017


MINNEAPOLIS – Sports Nuggets from the North Star State…


•Bold North: The Minnesota Timberwolves unveiled their splashy new aurora green uniforms last week against the Phoenix Suns. The T’Wolves called the game Statement Saturday and the cutting edge threads generated a positive response – especially with millennials…

•Squint Zone: It was so bright inside Target Center that the T’Wolves should have given out sun glasses along with the souvenier t-shirts they gave away to the 18,109 fans who showed up…

•Color Rush: This glow in the dark look has its roots in the Pacific Northwest. The NCAA’s Oregon Ducks and NFL’s Seattle Seahawks started the trend and it’s beginning to catch on in other parts of the nation…

•Season’s Greetings: Don’t look for Green Bay fans to be in the Christmas spirit when Minnesota LB Anthony Barr shows up at Lambeau Field Saturday night. Packer Nation is still foaming at the mouth after Barr’s hit on Aaron Rodgers earlier this season…

•Boos Fest: Barr can expect the same type of reception Brett Favre received when he returned to Green Bay in 2009 with Minnesota. Favre was clearly not welcome and was greeted by a chorus of boos when he trotted onto the tundra…

•NFL Honors: Congrats to Barr and Vikings DE Everson Griffen – who were chosen to the Pro Bowl for the third straight season. CB Xavier Rhodes was selected for the second time and WR Adam Thielen will be making his first appearance…

•Safety Snub: Hard to believe that Minnesota S Harrison Smith did not make the NFC Pro Bowl team…

•Say What?: Last Sunday was theater of the absurd in the NFL. Did the LA Rams really pound Seattle 42-7 at CenturyLink? Did Referee Tony Corrente really take away a game winning touchdown catch from Pittsburgh TE Jesse James with 2 seconds left in the game against New England? Did referee Gene Steratore really slide an index card between a football and the chain during a crucial measurement and then give Dallas a first down against Oakland..?

•Immaculate Deception: The touchdown reversal at Heinz Field is the most controversial play in Pittsburgh since the Immaculate Reception in 1972. Of course, that one had a much better outcome for Steeler fans…

•Frustrated Fan Base: Derek Jeter’s honeymoon in South Florida lasted as long as a hiccup. After slashing Miami’s payroll by $265 million and trading star players such as Giancarlo Stanton, Marcell Ozuna and Dee Gordon, the new Marlins owner is taking heat. Miami fans have seen this kind of fire sale many times before…

•New Beginning: Minnesota United open’s the MLS season on Saturday, March 3 at San Jose and the Loons first home match is Saturday, March 17 against Chicago. Minn U will play home games at TCF Bank Stadium for one more year until Allianz Field is finished…

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Eric Nelson

SPORTS NUGGETS: Coaching pals put their friendship on hold in this week’s Cincinnati-Minnesota game

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By Eric Nelson
December 14, 2017


MINNEAPOLIS – Sports Nuggets from the home of the Pillsbury Doughboy…


•NFL Reunion: The friendship between Marvin Lewis and Mike Zimmer is on hold this week when Cincinnati plays Minnesota in Minneapolis. From 2009-2013 Zimmer was the Bengals DC under Lewis and was the architect of some outstanding Bengal defenses. Zimmer parlayed that success into his current job as the Vikings HC…

•All Business: Don’t look for Lewis and Zimmer to exchange holiday gifts or reminisce about their past in the Queen City on Sunday. They are focused on winning. Cincinnati (5-8) is on a downward spiral and desperate for some success, while Minnesota (10-3) is trying to wrap up the NFC North and garner a high playoff seed. When you are on opposite sidelines coaching different teams, friendship is not the top priority…

•Blizzard Bowl: There is nothing better than an NFL game in a snowstorm. Last week’s Indianapolis-Buffalo duel was four-wheel drive football at its best and made for great theater. New Era Field looked like a giant snow globe as the Colts and Bills plowed their way through the powder. Buffalo won 13-7 in a winter wonderland-like setting…

•NFLements: Today’s NFL has become homogeneous and sanitized because of domes and retractable roof facilities that are usually closed. Indoor football is studio football. Thankfully, there are some open air venues – such as Baltimore, Buffalo, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Denver, Green Bay, Kansas City, New England, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Seattle and Washington – where the weather can be frightful. Weather games garner high ratings and are curiosity events – especially for fans in places like Palm Springs or West Palm Beach…

•Collision Course: It’s a clash of superpowers this week in Pennsylvania as New England (10-3) plays Pittsburgh (11-2) at Heinz Field. Despite a 27-20 loss in Miami on Monday night, New England has the AFC’s second best record, while Pittsburgh has won eight straight games. The winner will likely be the top seed in the AFC playoffs…

•Shield Spin: Hey Roger Goodell! Just because you signed a lucrative 5-year contract extension to continue being the NFL’s commissioner/dictator doesn’t mean you can insult our intelligence. Claiming that Colin Kaepernick is not being blackballed is comical…

•Persona Non Grata: With quarterbacks going down like bowling pins on a weekly basis, it is baffling that Kaepernick is still unemployed. Philadelphia just lost Carson Wentz for the season and signing Kaepernick makes sense. Just like it did in Green Bay, Houston and other cities. But, it hasn’t happened. Kap has been airbrushed out of the sport…

•Overdue: Congrats to Jack Morris on being voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. For Morris this is delayed gratification because he should have been inducted into the HOF a lot sooner…

•Family Affair: Minnesota United has signed midfielder Harrison Heath, who is the son of HC Adrian Heath. Heath played in one match for Atlanta United in 2017…

•Grow Up: All the haters who went rip city on skier Lindsey Vonn need to get a clue. So what if Vonn is not a fan of President Donald Trump – she is entitled to her opinion. Last time I checked this is the USA and freedom of speech is a guaranteed right…

•Dixie Delight: The Golden State Warriors were thrilled to see Doug Jones win the Alabama senate seat against Roy Moore. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, HC Steve Kerr tweeted “Roll Tide!” and “War Eagle!” — the popular chants heard at Alabama and Auburn games, and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama” was played at a recent Warriors’ practice…

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Eric Nelson

SPORTS NUGGETS: The Minnesota Vikings check a lot of boxes

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By Eric Nelson
December 7, 2017


MINNEAPOLIS – Sports Nuggets from Minne-snowta…


•Battle Tested: Each week the the Minnesota Vikings take a new NFL test. For the past eight weeks the Vikings have passed those tests with flying colors. Minnesota has won eight straight games and has checked a lot of boxes during the streak. Could the Purple defeat defending NFC North champ Green Bay? Check. Could they slow down the explosive LA Rams? Check. Could Minnesota finally knock off Detroit? Check. Could the Vikings stop the reigning NFC champs in Atlanta? Check…

•Carolina-Bound: This week’s test is in uptown Charlotte as Minnesota (10-2) faces Carolina (8-4). The Panthers are a solid team and were dominant in 2015 as they reached Super Bowl 50. But the way the Vikings are going, this is just another team to check off the list…

•Season’s Beatings: Just a hunch, but I am guessing the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals won’t be exchanging Christmas gifts this year…

•Football Feud: Whether they play in the regular season or post-season, Steelers-Bengals turns into MMA on the gridiron. These teams get along about as well as President Donald Trump and James Comey

•Payback: Rob Gronkowski’s late hit on Tre’Davious White was so cheap, even WWF fans were cringing. Should be interesting to see if Buffalo goes after Gronkowski when the Bills play at New England on December 24…

•Charged Up: The LA Chargers are a feel good story this season. After starting 0-4, the Bolts (6-6) have won six of their last eight games and are tied for first with Kansas City and Oakland in the mediocre AFC West…

•Payday: Jimbo’s jumbo deal is more proof that football is king in the Lone Star State as Texas A&M signed Jimbo Fisher to a whopping 10-year, $75 million contract. Fisher – who was 83-23 at Florida State and led the Seminoles to the 2013 national title – will make about as much dough as JR Ewing used too…

•Priorities: In Texas it’s faith, family and football, and not necessarily in that order. Fisher could have asked for oil wells and a ranch and probably gotten it…

•Cashing Out: Getting a big-time coaching job can be lucrative – even after you get kicked to the curb. According to the LA Times, some buy outs are extravagant. Jim Mora will get over $12 million from UCLA, Arizona State is paying Todd Graham $12.1 million, Arkansas’ owes Bret Bielema $11.8 million and Texas A&M’s Kevin Sumlin gets $10.4 million. If Clemson ever parted ways with HC Dabo Swinney, the pay out is a cool 40 million bucks…

•La La Land: On Tuesday night Minnesota played Los Angeles in an NHL game at Staples Center. On Wednesday night Minnesota played the LA Clippers in an NBA Game in the same arena. Staples is also home to the LA Lakers, making it one of the busiest venues in the USA…

•Fan Protection: The Minnesota Twins are extending fan safety netting at Target Field for the 2018 season. The protective nets will stretch from the area immediately behind home plate to the outer edges of each dugout. The Twins will also raise the height of netting above the dugouts from seven feet to approximately nine feet. The safety netting – including the backstop – will use thin strands and a knotless intersection to provide a minimally obtrusive viewing experience. The new netting will also be composed of green hues so it blends with the playing field, providing greater visibility…

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Eric Nelson

SPORTS NUGGETS: Jared Goff and Case Keenum have had bounce back seasons

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By Eric Nelson
November 15, 2017


MINNEAPOLIS – Sports Nuggets from the Land of 10,000 Lakes…..

•Loss Loss Land: In 2016 Jared Goff and Case Keenum were part of a Hollywood horror show that had a disastrous ending. Goff and Keenum shared the quarterback duties with the LA Rams and both put up sub-par stats on a sub-par team that finished 4-12. Simply put, it was a debacle…

•QB Revival: In 2017 Goff and Keenum are now part of amazing comeback stories – with each guy playing a key role in their team’s success. The Rams are 7-2 and Goff has made major strides in his second season. The Minnesota Vikings are also 7-2 and Keenum has been steady and sometimes spectacular for the Purple in a back up role. …

•Collision Course: LA and Minnesota play Sunday at US Bank Stadium and both teams are heating up. The Rams have won four straight and the Vikings have a five game winning streak. The winner will garner plenty of accolades and boost their playoff hopes..

•Case Closed: There are plenty of people huffing and puffing about who should be the Vikings starting signal caller, but this one is easy. Keenum is the guy and should play until he proves he can’t. Teddy Bridgewater’s day will come soon enough, but no sense tinkering with something that isn’t broken…

•Video Game Offense: The Rams are putting up cartoon-like numbers this season. LA has scored 296 points – the most in the NFL. The Rams have erupted for 51 against the NY Giants, rung up 46 on Indianapolis, 41 on San Francisco, 35 on Dallas, and scored 33 against Arizona and Houston…

•Coaching Contrasts: The Rams bounce back season has raised the profile of 31-year old Sean McVay, who is the youngest HC in NFL history. McVay comes from a football family and has a reputation for developing quarterbacks. Goff’s success is more proof of that. Meanwhile, LA’s DC is 70-year old Wade Phillips, who knows how to coach up a defense…

•Powerhouses: LA and Minnesota both have lofty spots in this weeks NFL Power Rankings. The Rams are number 2 and the Vikings are ranked 6th. Philadelphia is the top team…

•Deserving Honor: Congrats to Paul Molitor, who was named American League Manager of the Year after leading Minnesota to the playoffs for the first time since 2010. The Twins are the first team in MLB history to make the postseason after losing 100-plus games the previous year…

•Zero Hero: Minnesota G Devan Dubnyk is pitching shutouts at a rate that would make Clayton Kershaw envious. Dubnyk has three straight blankings after the Wild’s 3-0 win against Philadelphia on Tuesday night in St. Paul. Dubnyk has a team record scoreless streak of 195:05 and has stopped 103 shots on goal in the three wins…

•Breaking Up: After 18 highly successful years at ESPN2 and ESPN Radio, Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg’s run is over on Friday. Mike and Mike are moving onto supposedly greener pastures, but we will see how things play out…

•On-Air Chemistry: Mike and Mike worked because they clicked – which is a rare combination in the egotistical world of broadcasting. It’s too bad Mike and Mike are going away, because their product is still very good. ESPN should not be breaking up this tandem…

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Eric Nelson

SPORTS NUGGETS: It’s All Eyes North thanks to the Minnesota Timberwolves fast start

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By Eric Nelson
November 8, 2017


MINNEAPOLIS – Sports Nuggets from the capital of Timberwolves Nation…..

•All Eyes North: The Minnesota Timberwolves have played only 10 games this season, but already look like a completely different team compared to the inept squads who have struggled since 2004. Minnesota (7-3) has won five straight games for the first time in eight years and is four games north of .500 for the first time since 2007. The additions of Jimmy Butler, Jamal Crawford and Jeff Teague have taken the T’Wolves to another level…

•Instant Impact: With Butler in the lineup Minnesota is 7-1. Butler doesn’t have spectacular stats (15.1 points and 5.3 rebounds per game), but he elevates his teammates. Butler also plays lock down defense and is a winner. Butler could become a rock star in Minnesota…

•Sports Riddle: What do the Timberwolves and LA Rams have in common? Both are trying to make the playoffs for the first time since 2004…

•Giant Rout: The Rams crushed the NY Giants 51-17 on Sunday at MetLife Stadium. According to the LA Times it is the most points the Giants have allowed at home since 1964. With QB Jared Goff getting better, RB Todd Gurley bulldozing opponents, and a solid defense, the Rams are trending up…

•No Boos Allowed: The 8-1 Eagles have the NFL’s best record and are playing so well that normally cynical Philadelphia fans have nothing to boo about. In Philly quarterback Carson Wentz is now as popular as Rocky Balboa – except that Wentz is actually a real character…

•Carson by the Numbers: In just his second season Wentz has blossomed into a top-notch gunslinger. The North Dakota State product leads the NFL with 23 touchdown passes and has thrown just five interceptions…

•Moving Up: Despite a bye last week, Minnesota has gone from number 7 to number 6 in this week’s NFL Power rankings. Philadelphia is number 1 followed by the LA Rams, Pittsburgh, New England and New Orleans…

•Husker Invasion: The Cobheads are coming. Even though Nebraska has a sub-par 4-5 record, don’t be surprised if Cornhusker fans stage a coup d’état and take over TCF Bank Stadium on Saturday. Minnesota is also 4-5 and a good chunk of Gopher backers have already given up on the team. Husker Nation always travels well, which means they will flock to Minneapolis for some football and partying…

•Mission Miami: Minnesota Vikings legend Chuck Foreman is going to Saturday’s game in South Florida between number 3 Notre Dame and 7th ranked Miami. Foreman played college football for the Hurricanes…

•Just Asking: Have Hawkeye fans stopped celebrating yet? Iowa’s 55-24 battering of Ohio State last week in Iowa City was clear cut Hawkeye domination and one of the most convincing wins in school history…

•Gold Rush: Congrats to Minnesota CF Byron Buxton and 2B Brian Dozier for winning their first AL gold gloves. Buxton has a knack for making highlight plays and covers more ground than a tarp. Dozier is steady and sometimes spectacular in gobbling up ground balls, and makes turning a double play look easy…

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GDG rundown for the weekend of Oct. 27th-29th

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The Upper Midwest is getting its first real taste of Winter this weekend, and athletics seems to be leading the way.  With the Winter sports seasons up and running, our hosts get into the spirit.  Eric and Larry travel to St. Paul as they broadcast this week’s episode from the Xcel Energy Center.  Despite Thursday’s win over the Islanders, our guys peer into the Wild’s slow start.  They also describe what’s wrong with the early season of the Timberwolves.  The Vikings make a return trip to England with first-place thoughts.  The World Series got off to a roaring start in L.A.  Gopher football tries to bring one special pig home from Iowa City.  And if you want guests, boy, do we got ’em.  We’ll hear from several Vikings players, as well as CBS broadcast legend Greg Gumbel.

Not the Wild’s Best Hopes to Start

Segment 1: After a preseason of positive buildup, the Wild aren’t off to the best of starts.  The guys review the first few games of the season and look into how the team can turn things around on the long homestand.


Vikings Go Back to See the Queen

Segment 2: The Vikings are headed back to London as they look to continue their hold on the NFC North lead.  What’s going well for the squad as they head across the Atlantic?  The fellas also dig into this week’s opponent, the Cleveland Browns.  When will that franchise ever “get right”?


Wolves Whimpering Start

Segment 3: Just like the Wild, the Timberwolves had a lot of hype coming into the season.  And just like their NHL counterparts, the early results haven’t been good.  Eric and Larry discuss what they believe is giving the team fits in the first couple of weeks in the current campaign.


World Series Bringing the Drama

Segment 4: If the first two games were any indication, we could be viewing a true Fall Classic.  The guys dive into the opening stanza of the World Series before the scene shifts from Los Angeles to Houston.  Did the Astros find a hole in the Dodgers’ bullpen?  Can L.A. squeeze out a win or two on the Gulf Coast?


A Host of Sound from the Vikings Locker Room & CBS Broadcaster Greg Gumbel

Segment 5: If you were searching for game sound, stop right here.  In this segment, our hosts chat with Vikings DE Everson Griffen, TE Kyle Rudolph, and CBs Xavier Rhodes and Terence Newman.  Oh, and for good measure, we’ll hear from legendary CBS broadcaster Greg Gumbel.


Gophers Try to Take Floyd Back

Segment 6: Gopher football enters its first true Trophy Game of the P.J. Fleck era.  The fellas recap last week’s victory over Illinois before turning their attention on Iowa and Floyd of Rosedale.  Plus, they look a little broader at which teams are still in the national championship picture.


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Eric Nelson

SPORTS NUGGETS: Energetic Everson Griffen is playing lights out for the Minnesota Vikings

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By Eric Nelson
October 25, 2017


MINNEAPOLIS – Sports Nuggets from the Purple Nation…..

•Sack Happy: Minnesota DE Everson Griffen is one reason why the Vikings have a top flight defense. Griffen had two sacks in Minnesota’s 24-16 win against Baltimore on Sunday and has nine this season (third most in the NFL). Griffen is a power/speed combo package who comes off the edge with fury and passion…

•Tone-Setter: Griffen has become the Vikings version of Von Miller. He wreaks havoc on a weekly basis and has non-stop energy. Griffen, Anthony Barr, Xavier Rhodes and Harrison Smith are playing at an elite level. As a result, the Vikings (5-2) have swagger and confidence as they hop the pond for a game against Cleveland (0-7) on Sunday in London…

•Trending Up: Minnesota is ranked seventh in this week’s NFL Network power rankings. The top five teams are Philadelphia, the LA Rams, Pittsburgh, Kansas City and New England…

•Friendly Skies: The Rams (5-2) are off to a fast start, which is even more impressive when you factor in their ability to conquer jet lag. On October 15 LA flew to Jacksonville and defeated the Jaguars 27-17. Total round trip mileage was 4,302. The following week the Rams went to London and battered Arizona 33-0. Total round trip distance for that global journey was 10,912. LA has a bye this week, then makes another coast-to-coast flight for a game in New Jersey against the NY Giants on November 5…

•Déjà vu: For the second straight season 2B Brian Dozier is the Most Valuable Twin. Dozier batted .269 with 34 home runs and 93 RBI for Minnesota in 2017. Ervin Santana is the Twins pitcher of the year. Santana was 16-8 with a 3.28 ERA and made the AL All-Star team…

•Marquis Matchup: If game 1 is a precursor, the 2017 World Series could be epic. Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw outdueled Astros star Dallas Keuchel in scorching 103 degree heat on Tuesday night in Los Angeles. The Dodgers won 3-1 and have a 1-0 lead in this battle for all the MLB marbles…

•Old Rivals: The Astros and Dodgers have plenty of shared history because Houston played 51 seasons in the National League. In 2013 the Astros switched to the American League…

•Lone Star Drought: A Texas team has never won a WS title. The Astros are 0-1 and the Rangers are 0-2 in MLB’s showcase event. The Astros only other series appearance was in 2005 when they lost to the Chicago White Sox. Houston has now made the Fall Classic as an NL and AL champion…

•Mighty Mouse: Pound for pound Jose Altuve is the most impressive athlete in pro sports. Altuve is 5-6, 164 pounds and looks more like a jockey getting ready to ride in the Kentucky Derby. But no one has had more impact on Houston’s WS run than this pint-sized superstar…

•Titletown: The city of Houston has morphed into a championship hub. Super Bowl LI was played there in February and now the WS is coming to Space City on Friday…

•Smart Decision: The Dodgers have home field in the series because they earned it. Los Angeles was 104-58 in the regular season, the best record in baseball. Good move by MLB to get away from awarding home field advantage to the winning league in the All-Star Game. That was a gimmick…

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GDG rundown for the weekend Oct. 20th-22nd

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Wherever you turn, there’s something to find on the “Sports Dial”.  Eric and Larry are back in the Downtown Minneapolis studio to tear through all that meat on the sports bone.  The Timberwolves start their new campaign.  The Vikings get a leg (or a collarbone) up on the Packers.  The MLB is closing in on its annual World Series matchup.  The Gophers look to finally get out of their Big Ten funk.  Plus, there’s plenty more NFL to discuss when two current Vikings (Trae Waynes and Xavier Rhodes) and a former one (Adrian Peterson) join the program.

Wolves Can’t Get an Opening Win
Segment 1: The doors have opened to the 2017-2018 NBA season.  The guys take a couple of minutes to look into the Wolves’ opener in San Antonio.  Was is a good thing that they lost to a pedigree franchise, or is it bad that they lost to a depleted pedigree franchise?


Big Hearts and One Huge Shot
Segment 2: The guys get a little philanthropic during this segment of the show.  One local youth football team will get the chance to see a rather important game in February.  Then, was Anthony Barr’s hit on Aaron Rodgers clean or a cheap shot?


AP’s Successful Desert Debut
Segment 3: Adrian Peterson wasn’t lost in the desert last Sunday.  Our hosts dive into the former Viking’s big showing in his first game as an Arizona Cardinal.  After that, we get a brief preview of the Purple Showdown between Minnesota and Baltimore.


One Backup QB’s Chance & Another QB Gets Back Up
Segment 4: There’s been a lot of QB talk this week across the Upper Midwest.  Teddy Bridgewater isn’t ready to get back to regular season action, but he has returned to the practice field.  Can the Packers survive, and maybe thrive, with Brett Hundley under center?  And has the NFC North flipped due to the Rodgers’ injury?

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is on his way to the ground...

Anthony Barr takes Aaron Rodgers  down…and out…


NFL Sound Galore with Adrian Peterson, Trae Waynes, and Xavier Rhodes
Segment 5: It was another big Sunday across the NFL.  It was so big that we needed to get reactions from two locker rooms.  Eric tracked down Trae Waynes and Xavier Rhodes, while Larry got some time with the aforementioned new running back of the Cardinals, Adrian Peterson.


No Dodging L.A.; Gophers Try to Rebound
Segment 6: As of Thursday night, half of the World Series was set.  The fellas discuss the Dodgers getting back to the Fall Classic for the first time in 29 years.  Plus, the shine coming from TCF Bank Stadium has faded.  What can the Gopher football team do to get out of their three-game losing streak?


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GDG rundown for Oct. 13th-15th

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When things seem down in sports, you want to believe that hope can bring you out of a bad place.  Eric and Larry are hopeful that they can brings you the latest and greatest from the sports world.  Gopher football hopes to turn around their losing ways in the Big Ten.  The Timberwolves hope that the offseason hype can build into regular season success.  The Vikings hope that a Monday night win can bring momentum to a Border Battle Sunday.  And is there any hope for meaningful discussion on the NFL protests during the National Anthem?  This week’s guests are familiar with Purple Pride, as we hear from current Vikings RB Jerick McKinnon and former RB Chuck Foreman.

Gophers Digging a Big Ten Hole
Segment 1: The Gophers started so well on the football field.  But since the page turned to conference play…not so much.  Out hosts look at the team’s loss at Purdue and whether they can turn things around against Michigan State.


Are the Wolves Ready to Howl?
Segment 2: There’s a lot of buzz for basketball in the Twin Cities.  Off of the Lynx winning their fourth WNBA title, the Wolves are getting set to open a much-anticipated season.  The fellas use their crystal ball to discuss how the new-look roster will fare.  Plus, can anyone challenge Golden State for the title?


Vikings Continue Their NFC North Run
Segment 3: It was an ugly win, but it was an ugly road win in the division.  The guys talk about the Vikings’ Monday night victory in Chicago.  They also take a couple of minutes to preview Sunday’s rivalry contest with the Packers.  After that, how crushing was Tuesday’s USMNT loss to the future of American soccer?


More Purple Talk: Jerick McKinnon Talks Vikings with GDG
Segment 4: Eric and Larry turn back to the pigskin.  More specifically, they begin an extended focus on runnings backs.  They catch up with Vikings tailback Jerick McKinnon after his big night in Chicago.  Later, they shift focus to Arizona, the new home of former Purple star Adrian Peterson.

Minnesota Vikings Jerick McKinnon runs against the Chicago Bears

Jerick McKinnon with a strong run in Chicago – Photographer: Steve Floyd


Even MORE Purple Talk: Legendary RB Chuck Foreman Stops By
Segment 5: The Vikings won the middle game of this NFC North stretch.  But it was the folks that weren’t playing at the end that have made the headlines lately.  Legendary running back Chuck Foreman reviews the team’s win in Chicago and previews their matchup against Green Bay.  Plus, how well are the guys replacing Sam Bradford and Dalvin Cook playing?


Protesting…and Protesting the Protesting
Segment 6: The debate over the National Anthem protests rages on, with the White House making another statement.  Our hosts look at the walkout from Vice President Mike Pence.  Where does that leave us as the protests, and backlash, continue?


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Gameday Gold logo

Gameday Gold Radio – November 17, 2017 – s.6

An International Mishap & Honors that Confuse and Astound

Segment 6: What do President Trump, the Ball family, college basketball, and shoplifting have in common?  The guys discuss this near-miss of an international incident in China.  Colin Kaepernick gets an honor from a major magazine.  A couple of Twins (A.L. Manager of the Year Paul Molitor and Platinum Glove winner Byron Buxton) get some accolades for a season’s worth of work.

Gameday Gold logo

Gameday Gold Radio – November 17, 2017 – s.1

It’s another week with major headlines across the sports world.  Who better to cover them all than Eric and Larry.  They’re back together in the Downtown Minneapolis studio for this week’s edition.  And it’s going to be quite the weekend in the Twin Cities.  The Vikings try to keep a playoff spot and a bye in their sights when the battle the Rams.  The Timberwolves try to keep the winning ways alive.  The Wild build an impressive streak against their opposition.  Gopher football has a chance to go bowling.  The Twins get some well-deserved accolades.  And that’s just the local stories.  To go along with everything, we’ll hear from the Playmaker himself, NFL Hall of Fame member Michael Irvin.

Horns-A-Plenty at the Bank

Segment 1: A showdown is set for Sunday in Downtown Minneapolis.  The guys look back on the history of the Vikings-Rams series.  We get a heads up on the revival of that series, with both teams sporting sparkling 7-2 records.  How big of a game is this for both squads?

Gameday Gold logo

Gameday Gold Radio – November 10, 2017 – s.3

Remembering an Ace & Going for Some Gold
Segment 3: The sports world is not all smiles this week.  Baseball is mourning the sudden and tragic passing of former Cy Young-winning pitcher Roy Halladay.  However, there are brighter stories from the diamond.  Our guys discuss the Gold Glove-winning attributes of Twins’ stars Byron Buxton and Brian Dozier.  Plus, will the Twins be proactive during this Hot Stove season?
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Gameday Gold Radio – November 10, 2017 – s.1

This show isn’t just nationally-known, it’s internationally-known.  This week, Eric is guiding the show in Minneapolis, while Larry is out in Phoenix.  They dive in on the juicy story of Jerry Jones’ lawsuit threat against the NFL.  The Vikings might have a QB controversy going into the second half of the season.  The Twins get some gold to show off in their trophy case, while the MLB celebrates the life of an ace pitcher gone too soon.  Will the Gophers find a way to get bowl eligible?  Did a loss to Golden State do more good than harm for the Wolves?  Then, GDG columnist Scott Taylor joins the program to look at the Wild’s poor start, soocer and baseball’s footprint in Canada, and more.
It’s Not All Good-ell for Jerry Jones
Segment 1: While Eric and Larry have some distance between them this week, one thing that pulls them together is the NFL.  The guys analyze Jerry Jones’ threat to sue the league if Commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract gets extended.  Will the Dallas Cowboys owner get his way?
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Gameday Gold Radio – October 5, 2017 – s.1

Fall is definitely in the air, and Postseason Fever was riding high in the Twin Cities this week.  Larry breaks it down from the Downtown Minneapolis studio, while Eric chimes in on location from the area suburbs.  The Twins ran into an old foe in their playoff return.  The Lynx defeated a new foe in their quest for another title.  The Vikings and Gophers try to find some success on the football field.  Plus, we have a bonanza when it comes to this week’s guests.  Tom Tuttle weighs in on the NFL.  We hear from some of the WNBA champs (Cheryl Reeve, Seimone Augustus, and Rebekkah Brunson).  And Don Renzulli of NFL On Location talks about how you can get in good at Super Bowl LII.

Twins Hit A Familiar Roadblock

Segment 1: The Twins made great strides this season.  But they couldn’t past their bug-a-boo, the New York Yankees.  The guys look back at the team’s loss in the A.L. Wild Card Game, as well the rest of this exciting Summer.

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Gameday Gold Radio – September 28, 2017 – s.1

This has been a wild week in sports.  From controversy to title hopes, there’s a lot for Eric and Larry to tackle.  They do so from the Downtown Minneapolis studio.  The Twins are back in the postseason for the first time in seven years.  How did they do it after last year’s disastrous run?  There’s no way they can go the entire show without touching on the NFL player protests last weekend.  GDG’s Tom Tuttle offers his opinion on whether this is the right way to go.  The Vikings rebounded against Tampa Bay.  Will the momentum continue against Detroit?  The Lynx are in a battle to win their fourth WNBA championship.  Plus, former Gopher football player and athletic director Dr. McKinley Boston joins the program to speak on the 50th anniversary of the last Gopher football Big Ten champ and his road to becoming Dr. Boston.

Twins Turnaround is Complete

Segment 1: You better believe it!  The Twins became the first team in MLB history to make the postseason a year after experiencing a 100-plus loss season.  Eric and Larry take some time to explain the remarkable turnaround at Target Field.  And whom would the guys name as the team’s MVP?

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Gameday Gold Radio – September 21, 2017 – s.3

A Playoff Berth’s So Close for the Twins

Segment 3: The Twins are clawing their way to a potential postseason berth.  Can they keep hold of this opportunity?  Eric and Larry dive into what we should expect over the last handful of days in the regular season.  Plus, they begrudgingly look back at the team getting swept at the hands of the Yankees.

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Gameday Gold Radio – September 14, 2017 – s.4

GDG’s Tom Tuttle Talks Tragic Weather and Terrific Twins

Segment 4: While the fun of sports continues, it’s trivial to the devastation this hurricane season has wrought on the American Gulf Coast.  Tom Tuttle joins the program to discuss the tragic wake that Hurricane Irma left across the Caribbean.  Then, can the Twins hang on for the next two weeks and make the postseason?

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Gameday Gold Radio – September 14, 2017 – s.3

Cleveland Crushes; Will Gopher Revenge Be Sweet?

Segment 3: Can anybody cool off the Indians?  Thursday marked the team’s 22nd consecutive win, an American League record.  Does this bode well for Cleveland returning to the World Series?  Plus, the Gopher football team can exact some revenge for the men’s basketball team?  Middle Tennessee comes to town for this week’s contest.

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Gameday Gold Radio – September 14, 2017 – s.1

It’s another week where frivolity mixes with tragedy.  For most of this episode, Eric and Larry bring the fun as all the sports worlds mix together.  The Lynx begin their quest for a fourth ring in seven years.  The Vikings make a triumphant return to NFL football.  The Twins make sure they keep their playoff hopes kicking.  Is Cleveland the latest lock to win the World Series?  Then, the show does turn to recap the wrath that another hurricane has brought to the U.S.  Tom Tuttle takes a few moments to discuss the light and heavy of the past week.  We also hear from some victorious Vikings (Dalvin Cook, Linval Joseph, Harrison Smith) after Monday’s opener.

Lynx Spring Into Action

Segment 1: The Lynx have finally entered their playoff run.  The guys dissect the team holding serve at home against the Washington Mystics.  Plus, one Lynx star gets her due from the WNBA.  After that, we hear a touching tribute to a Twins icon that you never saw play on the field.