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GDG rundown for the weekend of Nov. 17th-19th

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It’s another week with major headlines across the sports world.  Who better to cover them all than Eric and Larry.  They’re back together in the Downtown Minneapolis studio for this week’s edition.  And it’s going to be quite the weekend in the Twin Cities.  The Vikings try to keep a playoff spot and a bye in their sights when the battle the Rams.  The Timberwolves try to keep the winning ways alive.  The Wild build an impressive streak against their opposition.  Gopher football has a chance to go bowling.  The Twins get some well-deserved accolades.  And that’s just the local stories.  To go along with everything, we’ll hear from the Playmaker himself, NFL Hall of Fame member Michael Irvin.

Horns-A-Plenty at the Bank

Segment 1: A showdown is set for Sunday in Downtown Minneapolis.  The guys look back on the history of the Vikings-Rams series.  We get a heads up on the revival of that series, with both teams sporting sparkling 7-2 records.  How big of a game is this for both squads?


Wolves Get Past a Big Obstacle

Segment 2: The Vikings aren’t the only ticket in town on Sunday.  The fellas preview a jammed-packed day, with the Timberwolves and both Gopher hoops teams taking part.  Speaking of the Wolves, we hear about the team’s successful push after snapping a Spurs-sized losing streak against San Antonio.


Zero is the Wild’s Favorite Number

Segment 3: Did Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor deserve to get benched for a rookie?  The Wild were on a shutout streak heading into Thursday.  Eric and Larry take a look at the main man responsible for it.  Then, Minneapolis roads and venues are getting ready for the Super Bowl.  We’re your place to hear “Traffic on the 52s”.


The Winds Shaking College Football

Segment 4: The Turnover Chain is the hottest item in college football.  Our hosts take a peek at the team that brought it to light…The U.  Miami’s win over Notre Dame put the Hurricanes in the national playoff picture.  Could Wisconsin get squeezed out of the CFP, even if they go undefeated.  Plus, the Gophers are trying to get bowl eligible at Northwestern.  What are their chances for success?


When You Need a Playmaker: GDG Chats with Michael Irvin

Segment 5: Always candid and always entertaining, we hear from Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin.  He gives his thoughts on Larry Fitzgerald, Jr., the Vikings, and his former boss’ (Jerry Jones) threat to sue the NFL and his fellow owners.


An International Mishap & Honors that Confuse and Astound

Segment 6: What do President Trump, the Ball family, college basketball, and shoplifting have in common?  The guys discuss this near-miss of an international incident in China.  Colin Kaepernick gets an honor from a major magazine.  A couple of Twins (A.L. Manager of the Year Paul Molitor and Platinum Glove winner Byron Buxton) get some accolades for a season’s worth of work.

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GDG rundown for the weekend of Nov. 10th-12th

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This show isn’t just nationally-known, it’s internationally-known.  This week, Eric is guiding the show in Minneapolis, while Larry is out in Phoenix.  They dive in on the juicy story of Jerry Jones’ lawsuit threat against the NFL.  The Vikings might have a QB controversy going into the second half of the season.  The Twins get some gold to show off in their trophy case, while the MLB celebrates the life of an ace pitcher gone too soon.  Will the Gophers find a way to get bowl eligible?  Did a loss to Golden State do more good than harm for the Wolves?  Then, GDG columnist Scott Taylor joins the program to look at the Wild’s poor start, soccer and baseball’s footprint in Canada, and more.

It’s Not All Good-ell for Jerry Jones
Segment 1: While Eric and Larry have some distance between them this week, one thing that pulls them together is the NFL.  The guys analyze Jerry Jones’ threat to sue the league if Commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract gets extended.  Will the Dallas Cowboys owner get his way?


Who Will Go Under Center for the Vikes?
Segment 2: As the Vikings get into the second half of their season, there’s a large question looming.  Should Case Keenum keep his starting QB job, or should Teddy Bridgewater come back to the huddle right off of the PUP list?  And what does Tom Brady have to do with that decision?


Remembering an Ace & Going for Some Gold
Segment 3: The sports world is not all smiles this week.  Baseball is mourning the sudden and tragic passing of former Cy Young-winning pitcher Roy Halladay.  However, there are brighter stories from the diamond.  Our guys discuss the Gold Glove-winning attributes of Twins’ stars Byron Buxton and Brian Dozier.  Plus, will the Twins be proactive during this Hot Stove season?


Gophers Digging More Holes & Wolves Look to Rebound
Segment 4: The father might be the media darling, but the son isn’t far behind.  The fellas look at the rising profile of Larry Fitzgerald, Jr.  Then, can the Gopher football team turn things around when they face Nebraska?  And the Timberwolves’ winning streak couldn’t last forever.  But they’re still on solid ground early on.


GDG’s Scott Taylor Talks Canadian Sports & Wild Hockey
Segment 5: One of our hosts had plans to maintain, but one of our contributors steps right in for the latter portion of the show.  GDG’s Scott Taylor connects from Winnipeg and kicks off the segment by talking the impact of MLS on the north side of the border.  Is Montreal on the short track to get another MLB franchise?  And are the Wild placing doom over their playoff chances before Thanksgiving?


Remembering “Doc” Halladay with GDG’s Scott Taylor
Segment 6: If Roy Halladay meant a lot to baseball in the U.S., his impact meant even more to baseball in Canada.  Scott Taylor describes that as we look back at the career of the late ace pitcher of the Toronto Blue Jays and Philadelphia Phillies.

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GDG rundown for the weekend of Nov. 3rd-5th

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In the middle of all the football, a wild World Series broke out.  Always willing to cover the absurd world of sports, Eric and Larry are in the Downtown Minneapolis studio, ready to bring you this week’s program.  The Timberwolves are also in the news, riding a four-game winning streak into the weekend.  But is everything rainbows and gumdrops for the young Wolves?  The Vikings are riding high into their bye week.  Where do they stand midway through the season?  The Gophers look to grab a trophy against Michigan.  A young NFL star puts a spotlight on the rash of brutal injuries in the sports.  And, of course, we have to hear reaction to the World Series.  That’s provided by GDG’s own Tom Tuttle and USA Today columnist Bob Nightengale.


The Wolves Respond to a Bad Stretch
Segment 1: The Timberwolves appear to be finding their way after a staggering against Indiana and Detroit.  But are there downsides to this winning streak?  Eric and Larry look into the good and the bad of the recent stretch.  And when was the last time the a Wolves team started off this well.


NFL Injuries Keep Piling Up
Segment 2: The NFL has reached the midpoint of the season, with an all too familiar headline hitting the news on Thursday.  The fellas discuss Texans rookie quarterback DeShaun Watson going down for the season by tearing his ACL…from practice.  What impact does this, and other key injuries, have on the NFL?


College Football Chatter: Rivalries & Playoff Dreams
Segment 3: The Gophers couldn’t get one of their treasured trophies last week at Iowa.  They have another chance this Saturday when they go to Michigan.  Can P.J. Fleck “coach ’em up” for a big game at the Big House?  Then, the first College Football Playoff Poll is out.  Our guys break down the positioning for the Playoff.


A Wild World Series: Reaction from GDG’s Tom Tuttle
Segment 4: So. what did you think of that World Series?  Tom Tuttle has plenty to say about the 2017 Fall Classic.  Gameday’s CFO joins the program to talk about a wild to-and-‘fro between Houston and Los Angeles.


A Wild World Series Redux: Reaction from USA Today‘s Bob Nightengale
Segment 5: Even if you didn’t think that the 2017 World Series was a classic, you’d have to admit that it was entertaining.  USA Today baseball writer Bob Nightengale followed every moment of it and dives into the details.  Did the actual ball have something to do with the home run explosion?  Are Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa the next big duo of MLB?  Did analytics do the Dodgers in?


Clear Sailing to the Bye for the Vikes
Segment 6: The Vikings are looking good, sporting a 6-2 record as they go into their bye week.  Could more news be coming out of the break?  The guys take stock of where the Purple stand midway through their season.  Plus, they ponder of whether Teddy Bridgewater could be ready to return to the field.

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Eric Nelson

After eight games the Minnesota Vikings are NFC North Stars

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By Eric Nelson
November 1, 2017


MINNEAPOLIS – Sports Nuggets from the North Star State…..

•Trending Up: The Minnesota Vikings are a solid 6-2 at the halfway point of their season. The Purple have won four straight games, are on top of the NFC North and have a top-flight defense that keeps them in every game. Minnesota could win the division because Green Bay (4-3) is mediocre without all-galaxy QB Aaron Rodgers, Detroit (3-4) has been inconsistent and Chicago (3-5) is struggling…

•UK Success: The Vikings are now 2-0 when they play regular season games in London. Minnesota knocked off Cleveland last Sunday in the UK and won across the pond in 2013 against Pittsburgh…

•Power Ball: For the second straight week Minnesota is ranked seventh in the NFL power rankings. Philadelphia is number 1, followed by the LA Rams, Pittsburgh, Kansas City and New England…

•Miami Not So Nice: Just a hunch but I am guessing that Miami HC Adam Gase and Pro Bowl RB Jay Ajayi won’t be exchanging Christmas cards this year…

•Philly-Bound: On Tuesday Miami dealt Ajayi to Philadelphia for a fourth round pick. After a 40-0 loss to Baltimore Gase publicly ripped the Dolphins offense. Even though Gase did not single out a specific player, it’s as clear as the Key West sky that he was not happy with Ajayi…

•Trophy Envy: The U of M trophy case needs some hardware. Minnesota failed to bring home the Floyd of Rosedale Trophy on Saturday, losing 17-10 at Iowa. This week the Gophers get a chance to win the Little Brown Jug as they play Michigan at the Big House. But history says that is unlikely. The Wolverines lead the series 74-25-3 and have won 55 of the last 67 games, including 23 of the past 25…

•Politically Incorrect: Robert McNair and Yulie Gurriel – must be a Houston thing…

•Lucky Sevens: MLB is on a roll. For the second straight season and third time in four years, the World Series has gone seven games. In 2014 Kansas City and San Francisco went the distance, in 2016 the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland played a seven game series, and it will take seven games to crown a champ in this year’s Houston-LA Dodgers WS…

•Diamond Duo: If they stay together in Houston, the Astros middle infield tandem of SS Carlos Correa and 2B Jose Altuve has a chance to be one of the greatest in MLB history…

•School Pride: A pair of classmates from Highland Park HS in Dallas were competing for television ratings on
Sunday night. On FOX, LA Dodgers lefty Clayton Kershaw was on the mound at Minute Maid Park pitching against Houston in the WS. Meanwhile on NBC, QB Matthew Stafford and Detroit were playing Pittsburgh. Unfortunately for Kershaw and Stafford, both their teams lost…

•Star Power: In the sports saturated Twin Cities it is easy to get spoiled. Fans have plenty of chances to see super teams and super star athletes. For instance, last Friday NBA MVP Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder played the Minnesota Timberwolves at Target Center. Then on Saturday, Sidney Crosby and the back-to-back Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins skated at the Xcel Energy Center against the Minnesota Wild…

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NFL protest should hit home!

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By Larry Fitzgerald
October 31, 2017

The last year and a half, the NFL and the players who have chosen to protest have angered millions across the United States who have ignored the purpose and cause for the players’ issues on social injustice. Players are looked at as pawns by fans and some media who say, “Just play the damn game. You make millions for a living. How dare you protest against my flag? Get your butts out there and get my fantasy numbers so I can win my league.”

It all started with ex-San Francisco 49ers’ Collin Kaepernick, the 30-year-old now-unemployed quarterback who has been unable to sign in 2017 with any of the 32 NFL teams. Has he been blackballed? Are the 32 owners colluding against him?

They clearly want no part of his right to protest when it affects their bottom line. Anger from fans and sponsors may not be right, but it’s understandable. It’s the price of doing business. When you decide to take a stand, be prepared for the consequences.

The NFL owners and players are at least talking now. However, the owners can’t change all of society by themselves, like making the police stop shooting innocent young Black men or racial profiling or hiring practices in America.

Kaepernick has hired an attorney and is pursuing a lawsuit against the NFL. When Black people protest it angers the majority of people, mostly Whites because, they insert their own personal bias into the situation.

A case in point is the playing of the national anthem and the displaying of the American flag. So many people talk about disrespecting the flag and the national anthem. Sports teams have long used revenue from the armed forces to buy and promote nationalism (before kickoff or tip off) and the pride of America the beautiful. Have you noticed it’s only at sporting events that bring in big revenue for the teams — NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA?

What the players do does not bother me at all. I don’t take it personally like so many who talk about their dad, brother, sister, uncle, husband and how they all served this country in the military.

They forget that Black people serve this country also and have sacrificed to protect our liberties. It’s a joke to say that taking a knee or standing with your arms folded during the playing of the national anthem on Sunday, Monday and Thursday is disrespectful.

No player has stopped the anthem from being played or tried to damage the flag from sailing or flowing. Those who argue against the players and their protest won’t talk about racism or discrimination or murder or about police brutality and shootings, because they don’t care. It’s a non-issue, they say — get over it. The police were doing their jobs.

We have gotten over it, but we will never forget it, the millions of innocent people hung and killed in this country, the beatings, bombings, Whites-only bathrooms and water fountains. If we did not fight nonviolently by protesting, marching for voters’ rights, and to go to school to be viewed as equal under God in this nation, we would still be living under Jim Crow segregation.

President Donald Trump lit a fire under the players with his divisiveness. “Fire the sons of bi***es, he told the NFL owners. Dallas owner Jerry Jones says any of his players kneeling during the playing of the anthem will not play that day.

On October 18 Houston owner Bob McNair said, “We can’t have the inmates running the prison” in a meeting with other owners related to player protest and the national anthem. His statement has again sparked the flames; the level is high with his team. Almost his entire team kneeled on Sunday in Seattle, unified arm in arm in protest.

Because McNair is an owner and the players are represented by the NFL Players Association, this is an EEOC issue also. McNair may be forced to resign — it’s happened before. This issue is not going away.

People like Trump and McNair, being who they are and showing their horns, are making the issues clearer by the day for all to see. What we are seeing is that we have major problems in America.



Larry Fitzgerald can be heard weekday mornings on KMOJ Radio 89.9 FM at 8:25 am, on WDGY-AM 740 Monday-Friday at 12:17 pm and 4:17 pm, and at He also commentates on sports 7-8 pm on Almanac (TPT channel 2). Follow him on Twitter at FitzBeatSr. Larry welcomes reader responses to, or visit

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GDG rundown for the weekend of Oct. 27th-29th

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The Upper Midwest is getting its first real taste of Winter this weekend, and athletics seems to be leading the way.  With the Winter sports seasons up and running, our hosts get into the spirit.  Eric and Larry travel to St. Paul as they broadcast this week’s episode from the Xcel Energy Center.  Despite Thursday’s win over the Islanders, our guys peer into the Wild’s slow start.  They also describe what’s wrong with the early season of the Timberwolves.  The Vikings make a return trip to England with first-place thoughts.  The World Series got off to a roaring start in L.A.  Gopher football tries to bring one special pig home from Iowa City.  And if you want guests, boy, do we got ’em.  We’ll hear from several Vikings players, as well as CBS broadcast legend Greg Gumbel.

Not the Wild’s Best Hopes to Start

Segment 1: After a preseason of positive buildup, the Wild aren’t off to the best of starts.  The guys review the first few games of the season and look into how the team can turn things around on the long homestand.


Vikings Go Back to See the Queen

Segment 2: The Vikings are headed back to London as they look to continue their hold on the NFC North lead.  What’s going well for the squad as they head across the Atlantic?  The fellas also dig into this week’s opponent, the Cleveland Browns.  When will that franchise ever “get right”?


Wolves Whimpering Start

Segment 3: Just like the Wild, the Timberwolves had a lot of hype coming into the season.  And just like their NHL counterparts, the early results haven’t been good.  Eric and Larry discuss what they believe is giving the team fits in the first couple of weeks in the current campaign.


World Series Bringing the Drama

Segment 4: If the first two games were any indication, we could be viewing a true Fall Classic.  The guys dive into the opening stanza of the World Series before the scene shifts from Los Angeles to Houston.  Did the Astros find a hole in the Dodgers’ bullpen?  Can L.A. squeeze out a win or two on the Gulf Coast?


A Host of Sound from the Vikings Locker Room & CBS Broadcaster Greg Gumbel

Segment 5: If you were searching for game sound, stop right here.  In this segment, our hosts chat with Vikings DE Everson Griffen, TE Kyle Rudolph, and CBs Xavier Rhodes and Terence Newman.  Oh, and for good measure, we’ll hear from legendary CBS broadcaster Greg Gumbel.


Gophers Try to Take Floyd Back

Segment 6: Gopher football enters its first true Trophy Game of the P.J. Fleck era.  The fellas recap last week’s victory over Illinois before turning their attention on Iowa and Floyd of Rosedale.  Plus, they look a little broader at which teams are still in the national championship picture.


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Eric Nelson

SPORTS NUGGETS: Energetic Everson Griffen is playing lights out for the Minnesota Vikings

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By Eric Nelson
October 25, 2017


MINNEAPOLIS – Sports Nuggets from the Purple Nation…..

•Sack Happy: Minnesota DE Everson Griffen is one reason why the Vikings have a top flight defense. Griffen had two sacks in Minnesota’s 24-16 win against Baltimore on Sunday and has nine this season (third most in the NFL). Griffen is a power/speed combo package who comes off the edge with fury and passion…

•Tone-Setter: Griffen has become the Vikings version of Von Miller. He wreaks havoc on a weekly basis and has non-stop energy. Griffen, Anthony Barr, Xavier Rhodes and Harrison Smith are playing at an elite level. As a result, the Vikings (5-2) have swagger and confidence as they hop the pond for a game against Cleveland (0-7) on Sunday in London…

•Trending Up: Minnesota is ranked seventh in this week’s NFL Network power rankings. The top five teams are Philadelphia, the LA Rams, Pittsburgh, Kansas City and New England…

•Friendly Skies: The Rams (5-2) are off to a fast start, which is even more impressive when you factor in their ability to conquer jet lag. On October 15 LA flew to Jacksonville and defeated the Jaguars 27-17. Total round trip mileage was 4,302. The following week the Rams went to London and battered Arizona 33-0. Total round trip distance for that global journey was 10,912. LA has a bye this week, then makes another coast-to-coast flight for a game in New Jersey against the NY Giants on November 5…

•Déjà vu: For the second straight season 2B Brian Dozier is the Most Valuable Twin. Dozier batted .269 with 34 home runs and 93 RBI for Minnesota in 2017. Ervin Santana is the Twins pitcher of the year. Santana was 16-8 with a 3.28 ERA and made the AL All-Star team…

•Marquis Matchup: If game 1 is a precursor, the 2017 World Series could be epic. Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw outdueled Astros star Dallas Keuchel in scorching 103 degree heat on Tuesday night in Los Angeles. The Dodgers won 3-1 and have a 1-0 lead in this battle for all the MLB marbles…

•Old Rivals: The Astros and Dodgers have plenty of shared history because Houston played 51 seasons in the National League. In 2013 the Astros switched to the American League…

•Lone Star Drought: A Texas team has never won a WS title. The Astros are 0-1 and the Rangers are 0-2 in MLB’s showcase event. The Astros only other series appearance was in 2005 when they lost to the Chicago White Sox. Houston has now made the Fall Classic as an NL and AL champion…

•Mighty Mouse: Pound for pound Jose Altuve is the most impressive athlete in pro sports. Altuve is 5-6, 164 pounds and looks more like a jockey getting ready to ride in the Kentucky Derby. But no one has had more impact on Houston’s WS run than this pint-sized superstar…

•Titletown: The city of Houston has morphed into a championship hub. Super Bowl LI was played there in February and now the WS is coming to Space City on Friday…

•Smart Decision: The Dodgers have home field in the series because they earned it. Los Angeles was 104-58 in the regular season, the best record in baseball. Good move by MLB to get away from awarding home field advantage to the winning league in the All-Star Game. That was a gimmick…

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World Series: Houston vs. Los Angeles!

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By Larry Fitzgerald
October 24, 2017

It’s the Fall Classic with a rare match-up in the World Series. Houston vs. Los Angeles sound like two National League teams, but we are reminded that Major League Baseball (MLB) years ago moved the Astros to the American League to balance the Divisions.

As recently as 2005, the Astros were in the World Series as members of the National League. Chicago’s other team, the White Sox, swept Houston 4-0 to win the first World Series for the city of Chicago in 95 years.

We are all aware that last year the Chicago Cubs won the World Series in seven games over Cleveland, the Cubs’ first World Series win in 108 years. The run-away Los Angeles Dodgers eliminated the Cubs in five games in the National League Championship and have reached their first World Series since 1988.

The Dodgers were 104-58 in the regular season, the best record in MLB. The Astros were also outstanding, winning 101 games, the third-best record in baseball. Cleveland led the American League in wins with 102-60 record. This is the first time since 1970 the World Series has two 100-or-more-win teams in the World Series.

Both of these teams are loaded. The Dodgers are 7-1 in the playoffs. Houston just beat the New York Yankees in game seven of the American League Championship to reach the World Series. They scored 896 runs during the regular season and allowed 700; their plus/minus was +196.

The Dodgers shut you down with pitching. They allowed the fewest runs in MLB in 2017— just 580. The Dodgers are managed by Dave Roberts. He is really good.

I have always favored the American League game of baseball with the designated hitter. The Dodgers obviously play the National League game with the pitcher hitting. Los Angeles has the home-field advantage by virtue of winning more games.

Clayton Kershaw and Yu Darvish lead the Dodgers. Houston traded for pitcher Justin Verlander from Detroit, and since then he’s been dominating 9-0. Get ready for what should be a great World Series.

I saw the Astros and Dodgers both play the Twins. Houston, I believe, is just a little bit better.



Larry Fitzgerald can be heard weekday mornings on KMOJ Radio 89.9 FM at 8:25 am, on WDGY-AM 740 Monday-Friday at 12:17 pm and 4:17 pm, and at He also commentates on sports 7-8 pm on Almanac (TPT channel 2). Follow him on Twitter at FitzBeatSr. Larry welcomes reader responses to, or visit

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GDG rundown for the weekend Oct. 20th-22nd

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Wherever you turn, there’s something to find on the “Sports Dial”.  Eric and Larry are back in the Downtown Minneapolis studio to tear through all that meat on the sports bone.  The Timberwolves start their new campaign.  The Vikings get a leg (or a collarbone) up on the Packers.  The MLB is closing in on its annual World Series matchup.  The Gophers look to finally get out of their Big Ten funk.  Plus, there’s plenty more NFL to discuss when two current Vikings (Trae Waynes and Xavier Rhodes) and a former one (Adrian Peterson) join the program.

Wolves Can’t Get an Opening Win
Segment 1: The doors have opened to the 2017-2018 NBA season.  The guys take a couple of minutes to look into the Wolves’ opener in San Antonio.  Was is a good thing that they lost to a pedigree franchise, or is it bad that they lost to a depleted pedigree franchise?


Big Hearts and One Huge Shot
Segment 2: The guys get a little philanthropic during this segment of the show.  One local youth football team will get the chance to see a rather important game in February.  Then, was Anthony Barr’s hit on Aaron Rodgers clean or a cheap shot?


AP’s Successful Desert Debut
Segment 3: Adrian Peterson wasn’t lost in the desert last Sunday.  Our hosts dive into the former Viking’s big showing in his first game as an Arizona Cardinal.  After that, we get a brief preview of the Purple Showdown between Minnesota and Baltimore.


One Backup QB’s Chance & Another QB Gets Back Up
Segment 4: There’s been a lot of QB talk this week across the Upper Midwest.  Teddy Bridgewater isn’t ready to get back to regular season action, but he has returned to the practice field.  Can the Packers survive, and maybe thrive, with Brett Hundley under center?  And has the NFC North flipped due to the Rodgers’ injury?

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is on his way to the ground...

Anthony Barr takes Aaron Rodgers  down…and out…


NFL Sound Galore with Adrian Peterson, Trae Waynes, and Xavier Rhodes
Segment 5: It was another big Sunday across the NFL.  It was so big that we needed to get reactions from two locker rooms.  Eric tracked down Trae Waynes and Xavier Rhodes, while Larry got some time with the aforementioned new running back of the Cardinals, Adrian Peterson.


No Dodging L.A.; Gophers Try to Rebound
Segment 6: As of Thursday night, half of the World Series was set.  The fellas discuss the Dodgers getting back to the Fall Classic for the first time in 29 years.  Plus, the shine coming from TCF Bank Stadium has faded.  What can the Gopher football team do to get out of their three-game losing streak?


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GDG rundown for Oct. 13th-15th

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When things seem down in sports, you want to believe that hope can bring you out of a bad place.  Eric and Larry are hopeful that they can brings you the latest and greatest from the sports world.  Gopher football hopes to turn around their losing ways in the Big Ten.  The Timberwolves hope that the offseason hype can build into regular season success.  The Vikings hope that a Monday night win can bring momentum to a Border Battle Sunday.  And is there any hope for meaningful discussion on the NFL protests during the National Anthem?  This week’s guests are familiar with Purple Pride, as we hear from current Vikings RB Jerick McKinnon and former RB Chuck Foreman.

Gophers Digging a Big Ten Hole
Segment 1: The Gophers started so well on the football field.  But since the page turned to conference play…not so much.  Out hosts look at the team’s loss at Purdue and whether they can turn things around against Michigan State.


Are the Wolves Ready to Howl?
Segment 2: There’s a lot of buzz for basketball in the Twin Cities.  Off of the Lynx winning their fourth WNBA title, the Wolves are getting set to open a much-anticipated season.  The fellas use their crystal ball to discuss how the new-look roster will fare.  Plus, can anyone challenge Golden State for the title?


Vikings Continue Their NFC North Run
Segment 3: It was an ugly win, but it was an ugly road win in the division.  The guys talk about the Vikings’ Monday night victory in Chicago.  They also take a couple of minutes to preview Sunday’s rivalry contest with the Packers.  After that, how crushing was Tuesday’s USMNT loss to the future of American soccer?


More Purple Talk: Jerick McKinnon Talks Vikings with GDG
Segment 4: Eric and Larry turn back to the pigskin.  More specifically, they begin an extended focus on runnings backs.  They catch up with Vikings tailback Jerick McKinnon after his big night in Chicago.  Later, they shift focus to Arizona, the new home of former Purple star Adrian Peterson.

Minnesota Vikings Jerick McKinnon runs against the Chicago Bears

Jerick McKinnon with a strong run in Chicago – Photographer: Steve Floyd


Even MORE Purple Talk: Legendary RB Chuck Foreman Stops By
Segment 5: The Vikings won the middle game of this NFC North stretch.  But it was the folks that weren’t playing at the end that have made the headlines lately.  Legendary running back Chuck Foreman reviews the team’s win in Chicago and previews their matchup against Green Bay.  Plus, how well are the guys replacing Sam Bradford and Dalvin Cook playing?


Protesting…and Protesting the Protesting
Segment 6: The debate over the National Anthem protests rages on, with the White House making another statement.  Our hosts look at the walkout from Vice President Mike Pence.  Where does that leave us as the protests, and backlash, continue?


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Gameday Gold logo

Gameday Gold Radio – October 19, 2017 – s.6

No Dodging L.A.; Gophers Try to Rebound
Segment 6: As of Thursday night, half of the World Series was set.  The fellas discuss the Dodgers getting back to the Fall Classic for the first time in 29 years.  Plus, the shine coming from TCF Bank Stadium has faded.  What can the Gopher football team do to get out of their three-game losing streak?

Gameday Gold logo

Gameday Gold Radio – September 28, 2017 – s.1

This has been a wild week in sports.  From controversy to title hopes, there’s a lot for Eric and Larry to tackle.  They do so from the Downtown Minneapolis studio.  The Twins are back in the postseason for the first time in seven years.  How did they do it after last year’s disastrous run?  There’s no way they can go the entire show without touching on the NFL player protests last weekend.  GDG’s Tom Tuttle offers his opinion on whether this is the right way to go.  The Vikings rebounded against Tampa Bay.  Will the momentum continue against Detroit?  The Lynx are in a battle to win their fourth WNBA championship.  Plus, former Gopher football player and athletic director Dr. McKinley Boston joins the program to speak on the 50th anniversary of the last Gopher football Big Ten champ and his road to becoming Dr. Boston.

Twins Turnaround is Complete

Segment 1: You better believe it!  The Twins became the first team in MLB history to make the postseason a year after experiencing a 100-plus loss season.  Eric and Larry take some time to explain the remarkable turnaround at Target Field.  And whom would the guys name as the team’s MVP?

Gameday Gold logo

Gameday Gold Radio – September 21, 2017 – s.3

A Playoff Berth’s So Close for the Twins

Segment 3: The Twins are clawing their way to a potential postseason berth.  Can they keep hold of this opportunity?  Eric and Larry dive into what we should expect over the last handful of days in the regular season.  Plus, they begrudgingly look back at the team getting swept at the hands of the Yankees.

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Gameday Gold Radio – August 24, 2017 – s.1

After a few weeks of split locales, our hosts are both back in some friendly confines.  Eric and Larry return to the Downtown Minneapolis studio as the sports world gets busy once again.  The Twins look to surge again as they try to stay in the MLB Wild Card (and maybe even the AL Central) race.  The Vikings get their starters ready for their preseason showcase.  College football gets going, while Colin Kaepernick continues to sit well off of the sidelines.  We hear the guys’ pick for the Mayweather-McGregor fight.  And the show dives deep into the soul of baseball when USA Today columnist Bob Nightengale talks about the history of the sport.

Twins Hope To Stay Wild

Segment 1: As we head toward September, these Twins have quite a bit to play for.  The guys tell us what they think the organization has done to turn things around.  Is the franchise finally content on keeping a talented center fielder?  Is this team winning despite the front office moves?

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Gameday Gold Radio – July 14, 2017 – s.1

This week, we get a chance to breathe with much of the Sports buzz slowing to a whisper.  But there’s still stuff to talk about, and our hosts don’t take breaks.  Eric and Larry are back in the Downtown Minneapolis studio to chat about the MLB All-Star Game and baseball at the break.  And that’s not all they get to discuss.  There’s the cashflow of the NBA offseason, the best baseball stadiums around, and naming rights for a college hockey arena.  And they’re joined by GDG’s Scott Taylor, who gets to chat up some CFL, NHL, and the impacts of arbitration.

MLB Showcases Fun in the Sun

Segment 1: Major League Baseball celebrated the game this week, holding the 88th annual All-Star Game in Miami.  How did the American League’s victory square up this game’s history?  Then, Eric and Larry reminisce on the influence of Latin ballplayers, including former Twins legend and MLB Hall of Famer Rod Carew.

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Gameday Gold Radio – July 7, 2017 – s.4

NBA Wheeling and Dealing in Full Effect

Segment 4: After the guys give their thoughts on Miami hosting the All-Star Game, the turn to the NBA.  Have the Timberwolves acquitted themselves well with the additions they’ve made to the roster (Jimmy Butler, Jeff Teague, Taj Gibson)?  And they’re not the only team making moves in the Association.

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Gameday Gold Radio – July 7, 2017 – s.1

The baseball season is reaching its intermission.  Before that, Eric and Larry get out to the ballpark to take in a game.  They broadcast this week’s program from Target Field, just moments after the weekend series opener between the Twins and Orioles.  The guys dive headfirst into the Twinkies and their ability to hang around the top of the division.  They also get an outside perspective from Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer.  Along with talk about the Great American Pasttime, we’ll also hear some chatter on the Timberwolves’ offseason, a trip to a PGA Tour course, and a “get-back” win for the Lynx.

One Last Lunge Into the Break

Segment 1: The Twins will complete their final homestand before the All-Star Break, and they’ll still be in the hunt for a postseason spot.  But what does the first-half parity mean across MLB?  Plus, the fellas look back at the Midsummer Classic that changed everything.