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GDG rundown for the weekend of Jan. 12th-14th

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Football has taken center stage as we settle into the New Year.  Now, the Twin Cities gets to join in on the fun.  And, just in time for this…the band is back together!  Eric takes his seat in Minneapolis, and Larry makes his triumphant return as he checks in from Phoenix.  The NFL is very prominent in this week’s show, with the Vikings ready to take the field against the Saints.  Legendary Vikings tailback Chuck Foreman offers his thoughts for the matchup.  Plus, we do talk a little hockey when Scott Taylor drops in.

Welcome Back, Big Fitz
Segment 1: Larry is back after a week away from the program.  He talks about the reason for his absence with Eric and how it puts the games we enjoy others playing in perspective.


What First Comes Around
Segment 2: The Vikings are back to work, getting ready for their first foray into the current NFL playoffs.  The guys give their thoughts on the matchup with New Orleans.  Why could this be a different outcome than the Purple’s win in Week 1?


Flying High: Scott Taylor Talks Jets Hockey
Segment 3: The NHL season is rapidly approaching the All-Star Break.  GDG’s own Scott Taylor provides an update on one of the NHL’s hottest teams.  Have the Winnipeg Jets turned the corner?


Chuck Foreman Looks Into a Postseason Standoff
Segment 4: With the Vikings preparing for another postseason run, we get a preview of Sunday’s game with former Purple running back Chuck Foreman.  How did the offensive line improve?  How fun will the running back matchup be?  How will Case Keenum fare against Drew Brees?


Super Bowl Plans with Chuck Foreman
Segment 5: So, what’s Chuck Foreman going to do in the lead-up to the Super Bowl?  He lets us know.  Plus, what do the Vikings need to look out for when it comes to the Saints?


The Rest from the NFL Playoffs and the CFP Title Game
Segment 6: Our hosts have covered the Vikings-Saints showdown.  How do they see the rest of Divisional Playoff weekend?  And Alabama tops the college football world again.


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First GDG rundown of 2018 (for the weekend of January 5th-7th)

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Well, even our hosts could use a break after a long season of delivering sports take.  Larry is taking a well-deserved vacation, leaving Tom Tuttle the opportunity to join Eric for this week’s episode.  It’s still a “split set” atmosphere, with Eric holding down the Minneapolis studio while Tom is checking out the somewhat chilly beaches of the Tampa-St. Petersburg area.  Our duo covers a lot of teams across the Twin Cities, including the relaxing Vikings, the productive Wild, the shaky Timberwolves, and the surging Gopher men’s basketball team.  A Southern showdown will settle college football’s best.  And what would be the best Super Bowl matchup for the Twin Cities’ pocketbooks?  Speaking of the Vikes, we hear from several of them (Trae Waynes, C.J. Ham, Danielle Hunter, and Harrison Smith) as they sit back and await their playoff opponent.

A Week to Heal the Purple(‘s) Bruises

Segment 1: The NFL postseason gets underway this weekend.  The Vikings won’t be playing, but not because they’re eliminated.  The Purple have a week off, awaiting their opponent for the Divisional round.  Which team do Eric and Tom believe could give the Vikes the most trouble?


The Wild Climb Back Into Things

Segment 2: The Wild are starting to skate better consistently.  Can they continue to keep themselves in the Western Conference playoff hunt?  And what teams are shaping up to be the toughest competition come April?


Southeastern Superior, Again, in College Pigskin

Segment 3: It’s down to two in the college football season.  An all-SEC matchup between Georgia and Alabama will decide the national championship.  Is this good or bad for the sport?  Then, the Big Ten fared quite well during their bowl season.


Wolves Find Fleeting Success

Segment 4: The Timberwolves are up and down lately, but they’re still leading the Northwest Division.  Eric and Tom look into the recent contests for the team, along with Jimmy Butler’s impact.  After that, the Gopher men’s hoops team gets back into Big Ten play.


Several Vikings Players Put Regular Season to Rest

Segment 5: The Vikings’ overall effort gave them this weekend off.  Eric talked with CB Trae Waynes, DE Danielle Hunter, FB C.J. Ham, and S Harrison Smith after last Sunday’s win over Chicago.


What Could Heighten the Minneapolis Super Bowl Experience?

Segment 6: This week’s hosts look at the Super Bowl from an off-field angle.  Would the Vikings create the best economic boom for the area if they played the game in their own stadium?  And is there a built-in disadvantage for the Twin Cities when it comes to visitors braving the February cold?



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Final GDG rundown of 2017 (Dec. 29th-31st)

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As we approach the beginning of a new year, it’s important to takes stock in the close-knit nature of the “fam”.  Eric and Larry are miles apart this week (Eric’s in Downtown Minneapolis, while Larry’s in Phoenix), but the “fam” feeling is always present.  The GDG fam gets together, as Tom Tuttle joins the program to chat about the life of Dick Enberg and the newest class of Gopher football recruits.  And Larry gets in touch with more fam.  Arizona Cardinals All-Pro wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Jr. brings his love and knowledge of the game to the program.  Sit back and enjoy the “fam” reunion as we roll out of 2017 and into the New Year.

Vikings Hoping To Give Postseason Cold Shoulders

Segment 1: It’s downright frigid in the Upper Midwest.  But could the Vikings be red hot at the right time of the season?  The guys look into the Purple’s regular season finale against Chicago.  How important is home field advantage for the team during the playoffs?  And which postseason-bound teams are our hosts watching?


Tom Tuttle Remembers a Legend at the Mic

Segment 2: No matter the sport, you knew it was a big event if Dick Enberg was on the call.  GDG CFO Tom Tuttle joins the program to honor the late broadcasting legend.  After that, are the Timberwolves finally starting to show the promise that all the preseason hype brought about?


Gopher Boat Gets Revved Up?  Tom Tuttle Talks the Recruiting Trail

Segment 3: Did P.J. Fleck hit a home run with his early-season recruiting class?  Tom Tuttle offers his impressions of the Gopher coach’s effort.  Um…how did Vikings safety Harrison Smith not make the Pro Bowl?


Talkin’ to the Fitz: Larry Fitzgerald, Jr. Appears on the Program

Segment 4: The family is finally together!  Larry, Sr. is out in the Desert Southwest to see his son.  So, why not have both legends on the show at the same time.  Larry Fitzgerald, Jr. makes a special appearance to talk with his father and Eric about his approach to playing football and leading an honorable life off the field.


Football’s Life Lessons from Larry Fitzgerald, Jr.

Segment 5: Larry Fitzgerald, Jr. takes a little more time to cover a few topics regarding the sport which will soon sport his bust in its Hall of Fame.  What playoff team is best equipped to make a Super Bowl run?  Is the NFL starting on a downturn regarding fan interest?  Does he let his kids play the game?  And how many countries has he traveled to?


A Frozen Anniversary & Pink May Be Their Color

Segment 6: It’s pretty appropriate that this cold snap comes along on the 50th anniversary of the most famous cold-weather NFL game ever.  Eric and Larry, Sr. reminisce on the Ice Bowl.  Then, not everything will be happy-go-lucky come New Years’ Day.  The guys discuss coaches that get the axe on the Monday after the regular season.

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Glen Taylor owes us an explanation!

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By Larry Fitzgerald
December 27, 2017


Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor, Minnesota’s own, is the most (no-secret-here) popular owner in town. He owns the Star Tribune newspaper also. Since he has owned the Timberwolves, however, it’s been hit and miss. What have you done lately?

Thirteen years in a row the team has missed the playoffs while his investment in the team has grown by leaps and bounds. Taylor has been chairman of the NBA Board of Governors. He has even been fined by David Stearn for his role in the fraud case of Joe Smith many years ago.

He hired Kevin McHale and Flip Saunders in 1995, many years ago, and the Timberwolves were actually relevant for a while. They even made the playoffs seven or eight years in a row. They drafted this high school kid from Chicago, Kevin Garnett, who turned out to be one of the NBA’s greatest stars. In fact, he is the only Timberwolves player who was selected the NBA’s Most Valuable Player.

The guy played for 20 years. The Timberwolves even traded him to Boston, and he led the Celtics to an NBA championship and to the NBA finals twice. Five years ago Taylor hired Saunders again, this time as part owner and head coach. Saunders had a master plan to help Taylor save his struggling franchise. Saunders made a deal that included bringing Garnett, the franchise’s greatest player, back to Minnesota.

Garnett was with the Brooklyn Nets at the time. He agreed to return to Minnesota to play even though it was clearly at the end of incredible career and with the intent to eventually transition into the front office as part owner.

As we all know, Saunders died three years ago of Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer. Saunders’ sudden passing really hurt the franchise; Minnesota had lost its leader. Taylor hired Sam Mitchell as interim head coach, but after one year fired him. Moving away from Garnett and all that Saunders had put in place, Taylor hired Tom Thibodeau as president and head coach.

Taylor has never spoken about Garnett or why he was no longer around. Garnett never officially retired either as a Timberwolves player and never received the respect he deserved for what he did here as a player both times. Garnett said recently he wants to own the Timberwolves and did not want to be a partner with Taylor. That would indicate some issues or agreements that were not fulfilled.

I think Taylor owes us an explanation. He should consider opening up about how Saunders’ death changed the direction of the franchise. What was Garnett promised when he returned with Saunders? Garnett’s jersey has not been retired. He has never been recognized by this organization or Taylor for all he has done for all those years.

Why is that? I know it’s business, but both sides are not talking.

The Timberwolves are the only franchise with no players who have ever been recognized for contributing to the growth of the franchise — no ring of honor, no retired jerseys. Taylor needs to invite Garnett back and work through the issues and set the record straight on what happened after Saunders died. What ended Garnett’s return as a Timberwolves player so abruptly, and what had he agreed to with the team?

I know Garnett has made $300 million or more over his remarkable career, but we need to hear from Taylor what went down and why Garnett feels jilted. Taylor, you at least owe us all that.


Larry Fitzgerald can be heard weekday mornings on KMOJ Radio 89.9 FM at 8:25 am, on WDGY-AM 740 Monday-Friday at 12:17 pm and 4:17 pm, and at He also commentates on sports 7-8 pm on Almanac (TPT channel 2). Follow him on Twitter at FitzBeatSr. Larry welcomes reader responses to, or visit

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GDG rundown for the lead-up weekend to Christmas (Dec. 22nd-24th)

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As we approach the Christmas holiday, many are spending time with family and stirring up all kinds of conversation.  Our GDG family doesn’t need a holiday to keep the chatter going…it’s a 52-week habit.  Eric and Larry are back in the Minneapolis studio this week, wishing you Christmas cheer and dishing out some sports frivolity.  There’s a lot of discussion about the Vikings winning the NFC North.  There’s some explanation of the status of Kevin Garnett’s relationship with the Timberwolves.  There’s a bit of the NFL playoff picture.  And there are a whole lot of guests.  We’ll hear from Adam Thielen, Eric Kendricks, Jerick McKinnon, Jimmy Butler, Jamal Crawford, and the Honorable Alan Page.

Wolves and KG Not Seeing Eye to Eye?

Segment 1: It’s a festive mood in the studio as Eric and Larry talk a bit about their Christmas traditions.  But not all things are so sweet this time of year.  Will Kevin Garnett get his jersey retired at Target Center?  The guys discuss the future Hall of Fame member and his relationship with the Timberwolves franchise.


Vikings Wary of Packer Vengeance

Segment 2: The Vikings are NFC North champions.  However, their regular season work isn’t done yet.  Our hosts dig into Saturday night’s tussle in Green Bay.  Do the Packers have anything to play for other than pride?  Will the big injury from the first Border Battle matchup play a role?  And will the Purple keep an eye on the NFC South?


A Wacky Week Across the NFL

Segment 3: There were some wild moments during Week 15 of the NFL season.  Who thought that an index card could decide a football game…without a play being drawn up on it?!?  Did another catch controversy cost the Steelers a shot at a Super Bowl berth?  Plus, one NFL owner is selling his team after serious allegations come to light.


Renowned World Traveler Tom Tuttle Describes His Latest Journey

Segment 4: Tom Tuttle isn’t just Gameday Gold’s CFO.  The Soup Man is also a traveler of the world.  This week, he joins the show to tell us about his trip to the Dominican Republic.  He explains the island’s big influence on the American game of baseball.


The Locker Room is the Place To Be

Segment 5: So many interviews, so little time…so we give you a cornucopia of them in one handful.  From the Vikings’ locker room, Adam Thielen, Eric Kendricks, and Jerick McKinnon talk about the feeling of being NFC North champs.  Then, from the Wolves’ locker room, Jimmy Butler and Jamal Crawford take stock of where the team is at about one-third of the way through the season.


The Honorable Alan Page Gets Us Ready for the Big Event

Segment 6: As we close in of the event known as Super Bowl LII, you might be looking for something to pass the time prior to the big game.  Why not let an NFL Hall of Fame member and former MN Supreme Court Justice help you out?  The Honorable Alan Page tells us about a special exhibit he’s putting together, as well as his recollections of playing in that same event.



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GDG rundown for the weekend of Dec. 15th-17th

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The Winter sports teams in the Twin Cities are in full swing, which means that there’s plenty for Eric and Larry to chat about as they take a short sprint up the road.  They broadcast this week’s episode from the Target Center in Minneapolis.  Of course, they’ll look at the Wolves during this lengthy homestand.  That includes a conversation with Fox Sports North analyst Jim Peterson about the team’s early trajectory.  The Vikings are still looking to grab that NFC North title.  The Wild seem to be skating on smoother ice these days.  Plus, a former Twins hurler gets ready to be immortalized in bronze.

Wolves Crown the Kings on Thursday

Segment 1: The Timberwolves hosted Sacramento on Thursday and turned out to be quite rude to their guests. The guys dig deep into the Wolves’ win over the Kings.  And could the man team fans always refer to as “The Franchise” actually end up buying the franchise?


Vikings Rearin’ to Celebrate

Segment 2: The Vikings couldn’t wrap up the NFC North title last week, but they’ll get another chance to do so this week when they host Cincinnati.  Is this the last run for Mike Zimmer’s former boss, Marvin Lewis, in the Queen City?  What do the Vikes need to do to get over last week’s loss at Carolina?


Sports Figures Caught Up in Allegations

Segment 3: More sexual harassment allegations rocked the entertainment industry this week, and some of that focus was in the world of sports.  Our hosts explain why the NFL Network and ESPN are in the headlines.  Later, does the return of Aaron Rodgers mean realistic playoff hopes for the Packers?


L.A. Football’s Sunny Outlook & Jack’s Hall Call

Segment 4: Is the latest “NFL in L.A.” experiment starting to find its footing?  The guys describe how the Rams and Chargers are playing winning football in SoCal.  Plus, Jack Morris finally gets his nod for the Baseball Hall of Fame.


Three-Man Weave: FSN Analyst Jim Peterson Talks Hoops with GDG

Segment 5: The conversation turns back to the Timberwolves as FSN broadcaster Jim Peterson joins the hosts for a few questions?  How has the team (and the league) accepted the present wave of technological input?  Should there be concern over minutes for the starters?  And why have the Wolves struggled against the Eastern Conference?


Wild Starting to Find Some Wins

Segment 6: The Wild were also in action on Thursday.  They extended their winning streak to four games with a shutout win over Toronto.  Has the team finally found their groove?  Then, we hear the latest thoughts on Lavar Ball, along with potential concerns over the upcoming Winter Olympics in South Korea.


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GDG rundown for the weekend of Dec. 8th-10th

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The freeze has finally settled over the Upper Midwest.  But that hasn’t effected all the hot takes that the sports world provide.  Eric mans the Downtown Minneapolis studio this week, while Larry takes to the road.  They come together to praise the Vikings, who don’t just lead the NFC North…they lead the entire NFC.  What’s to come during this week’s road trip to Carolina?  Are we seeing a return to an NFL that some would deem too violent?  The College Football Playoff committee shut out a certain conference from its national semifinals.  Also, the Ball family stirs up more controversy, we find out where not working can get you paid, and a Heisman curse could be a thing.  And GDG’s own Tom Tuttle joins in to talk about concussions in football and the struggles of the Wild.

Sky-High Purple

Segment 1: Going into this weekend, the Vikings are on top of the NFC.  How did they get there?  Can they stay there?  Our hosts dive into the team’s latest victory as they shut down the prolific Atlanta offense.  After that, what lies ahead when the Purple travel to Charlotte on Sunday for the second half of their NFC South tour?

Vikings RB Latavius Murray carries the ball "off-tackle"

Vikings OL Joe Berger clears some space for RB Latavius Murray


Crossing the Line of Violent Overload?

Segment 2: Any fan of football knows that the sport is violent, but did Monday’s game between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati take it to an absurd level?  The fellas react to this penalty-marred contest.  They also take some time to discuss Rob Gronkowski’s post-whistle hit that got him suspended.  And how important would a win be for the Vikings as they try and capture the NFC North crown?


Not Having a Ball & Good Money If You Can Get It

Segment 3: The Ball family offers up more headlines as middle son LiAngelo has left the UCLA basketball team.  The guys offer their take on Lavar’s latest move.  Then, forget about being a college football coach.  The money couldn’t be better for a fired college football coach.  We hear about some ridiculous numbers when it comes to coaching contract buyouts.


GDG’s Tom Tuttle Looks Into the Plight of Concussions in Football

Segment 4: With more hard hits taking the spotlight this past weekend, the talk of concussions and CTE continues to churn in NFL circles.  GDG’s CFO Tom Tuttle took to our website to chronicle this topic earlier in the week.  He takes to the airwaves for further discussion on the issue.  Will the sport of football change to address this issue?


Which Way Will the Wild Wobble?

Segment 5: Eric and Tom give a few more minutes to the issue of concussions, including a sad story involving former college/NFL running back and TV broadcaster host Mike Adamle.  Then, the Wild are still trying to find their footing during this NHL season.  What’s going wrong over at the X?  And former Wild winger Marian Gaborik is still plugging along in the league.


Big Ten Out, Big Money In, & Heisman Hangovers?

Segment 6: The College Football Playoff is set.  Do Eric and Larry think that the committee got it right by leaving the Big Ten out of the running?  Roger Goodell gets some major coin to stay on as NFL Commissioner.  And the Heisman Trophy will be handed out on Saturday night.  Is the winner of that prestigious award blessed or cursed when it comes to future NFL success?


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GDG rundown for the weekend of December 1st-3rd

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After so many visits, is this goodbye? Eric and Larry head to the suburbs, broadcasting (for what could be the last time) from Minnesota Vikings Headquarters in Eden Prairie.  They have plenty to discuss on the Purple’s recent run to near the top of the NFC.  And we get added insight from Twin Cities broadcaster Darren “Doogie” Wolfson.  Plus, no rest for the weary as the Timberwolves, the Wild, and Gopher men’s basketball continue on.  There’s also no bowl for Gopher football.

Vikes Keep Racking Up Wins

Segment 1: The Vikings are one of the best teams in the NFL.  The guys focus on Case Keenum’s stellar play during the Purple’s seven-game winning streak.  Can the team stay red hot as they make their first of two trips to face NFC South opponents (Atlanta this Sunday).


High Marks for Viking Offense

Segment 2: The Vikings are now in good shape to jockey for position in the NFC playoff pecking order.  How important would it be for them to get a first-round bye in the postseason?  Then, speaking of emerging presences on the offense, we hear more more about WR Adam Thielen and RB Latavius Murray.


Gophers Miss the Boat on a Bowl

Segment 3: While the Vikings are basically set up for the postseason, Gopher football won’t get an extra showcase game this year.  Eric and Larry discuss the whimpering end to P.J. Fleck’s first season in Minneapolis.  After that, which teams will end up filling out the College Football Playoff bracket?


Area Winter Sports Roll On

Segment 4: Football isn’t the only game taking up time on the Twin Cities’ sports calendar.  The fellas look into the good start for the Timberwolves, the great start for Gopher men’s basketball, and the sputtering start for the Wild.


When Media Collides: Darren “Doogie” Wolfson Talks Vikings

Segment 5: Who says competing media don’t get along with each other?  Twin Cities sports broadcaster Darren “Doogie” Wolfson joins the program to take a look at the Vikings season-to-date.  Is this team in the mix to get to Super Bowl LII?  Why is Case Keenum still the week-to-week starter?  What happened to turn the offensive line around?


A Lot O’ Dollars & Tiger Roars Back

Segment 6: There’s a lot to get to in the last portion of the show.  The NFL puts some major money towards some charitable causes.  How can we get paid for not working (a la some college football coaching buyouts)?  Tiger Woods returns to the golf course to compete in his own event.  Plus, Maya Moore get a big accolade from a national staple.


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Timberwolves looking good!

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By Larry Fitzgerald
November 30, 2017


Believe it: As we close out the month of November, the NBA has already played one quarter of their season. It’s not a Major League Baseball (MLB) 162-game marathon. It’s the next best thing — 82 games mid-October to late April.

This is the earliest start to an NBA season ever with not as many dreaded back-to-back games. The hometown Timberwolves are 12-8 at the quarter mark, their best start to an NBA season since 2005-2006. If not for a hiccup or two, they could be 14-6.

Yet many observers and critics locally are already complaining about this and that, saying the team should be playing better. Tom Thibodeau, the team’s second-year president and head coach, is doing his best to get this talented group to be more consistent, to play harder, smarter defensively, and above all to play for one another for 48 minutes.

Minnesota Timberwolves players congratulate one another as a foul is called

…all for one…

The new additions Jimmy Butler (16.3), Taj Gibson (9.6) and Jeff Teague (13.5) have blended in nicely with Andrew Wiggins (18.8) and Karl Anthony Towns (20.6). They have, however, struggled primarily against the Eastern Conference teams.

They have played eight games against the East teams and are just 3-5 while going 9-3 against the powerful Western Conference. That includes losses to NBA Champion Golden State and San Antonio on the road.

It’s been 13 straight very cold years of missing the playoffs, and I firmly believe that this group will make the playoffs in 2018 and challenge the big boys in the playoffs. Obviously, we have a long way to go. Talented Washington is in town this week (Tuesday) at the marvelously renovated Target Center.

From a business standpoint, business is good for the Timberwolves. Attendance is up; they average over 16,000-plus fans a game. The product is much better. This is an exciting team to watch, also frustrating at times, yes, because you see the potential is unlimited.

A Timberwolves fans enjoying the new look squad

Attendance and Winning Percentage are on the rise…

These are slam-dunk days for NBA owners. Team values are soaring thanks to media deals and sponsorships with TNT-ESPN-ABC networks to the tune of nine years and $24 billion. Every team in the NBA except Brooklyn made a profit last year. Average franchise value has increased to $1.25 billion per team. That’s up 13 percent from 2016.

Before renovating Target Center to the tune of $150 million, the Timberwolves franchise was worth $720 million. So that’s why all the smiles. Things are looking skyward for the league and the Timberwolves.

I stress patience — it all depends on the Timberwolves staying healthy and focused and continuing to buy into Coach Thibodeau’s unrelenting message and Butler’s and Gibson’s leadership. You read it here first: The Timberwolves are looking good and are on the come.


Larry Fitzgerald can be heard weekday mornings on KMOJ Radio 89.9 FM at 8:25 am, on WDGY-AM 740 Monday-Friday at 12:17 pm and 4:17 pm, and at He also commentates on sports 7-8 pm on Almanac (TPT channel 2). Follow him on Twitter at FitzBeatSr. Larry welcomes reader responses to, or visit

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Gameday Gold Radio – November 3, 2017 – s.1

In the middle of all the football, a wild World Series broke out.  Always willing to cover the absurd world of sports, Eric and Larry are in the Downtown Minneapolis studio, ready to bring you this week’s program.  The Timberwolves are also in the news, riding a four-game winning streak into the weekend.  But is everything rainbows and gumdrops for the young Wolves?  The Vikings are riding high into their bye week.  Where do they stand midway through the season?  The Gophers look to grab a trophy against Michigan.  A young NFL star puts a spotlight on the rash of brutal injuries in the sports.  And, of course, we have to hear reaction to the World Series.  That’s provided by GDG’s own Tom Tuttle and USA Today columnist Bob Nightengale.
The Wolves Respond to a Bad Stretch
Segment 1: The Timberwolves appear to be finding their way after a staggering against Indiana and Detroit.  But are there downsides to this winning streak?  Eric and Larry look into the good and the bad of the recent stretch.  And when was the last time the a Wolves team started off this well.
Gameday Gold logo

Gameday Gold Radio – July 21, 2017 – s.1

We’re hitting the peak of Summer, meaning all kinds of sports discussion is out there to be had.  Eric and Larry grab hold of some of it and deliver it to us from the Downtown Minneapolis studio.  The Twins are remembering a glorious past, while trying to make something of the future.  GDG’s Tom Tuttle talks with the guys from the Thursday night event honoring the 1987 World Series Champs.  Everyone also has their take on the current version of the team.  The Vikings will close a chapter in their history over the next few weeks.  Plus, the guys dig into the Lynx, the Wolves, the red-hot L.A. Dodgers, and many other items around the world of sports.

A Winning Attitude…From Development to Execution

Segment 1: It’s the heat of Summer, but nothing seems to be hotter than the headlines in the NBA.  The guys look ahead to what the Wolves can expect from the new-look roster and digs this Fall.  Could there be a connection between hosting a Super Bowl and potentially hosting a World Series months later?  And the Lynx continue to pile up the wins.

Gameday Gold logo

Gameday Gold Radio – July 14, 2017 – s.4

GDG’s Scott Taylor Offers Some Maple Leaf Love

Segment 4: Football may not be going on in the States, but it has started north of the border.  GDG’s Scott Taylor checks in from this week’s matchup between the Toronto Argonauts and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.  He talks with the guys about the popularity of the CFL and its comparison to the NHL.  Plus, can Canadian son Andrew Wiggins be on the verge of leading a great team?  And what might the impacts be of Mikael Granlund’s arbitration case?

Gameday Gold logo

Gameday Gold Radio – May 25, 2017 – s.3

Final-ly: The NBA Matchup We’ve Been Waiting For

Segment 3: It hasn’t provided a lot of drama, but the NBA postseason might change very soon.  The fellas offer up their preview analysis of Round 3 in the Cleveland vs. Golden State trilogy.  Plus, have these playoffs held any intrigue to this point?  Maybe not as much as some of the tension that some famous sports TV personalities are experiencing.

Gameday Gold logo

Gameday Gold Radio – May 25, 2017 – s.2

New Digs, Same Successful Lynx

Segment 2: The Minnesota Lynx may have changed home venues this season, but the winning continues.  Eric and Larry dig into the start of the team’s campaign.  How has the environment changed with them playing at Xcel Energy Center?  And what are the guys’ thoughts on Charlotte receiving another chance to host the NBA All-Star Game?

Gameday Gold logo

Gameday Gold Radio – May 11, 2017 – s.1

There’s a lot of fun to be had during this week’s edition of the show, with some serious notes mixed in.  Eric and Larry dish it all out from the Downtown Minneapolis studio.  They jockeying back and forth from the Vikings’ new additions to the stories making waves in the MLB, with some insight on the NBA and NHL playoffs to boot.  Can baseball get back to its glory days?  How about some love for a few other squads, including MN United, the Gopher softball team, and the Lynx?  Plus, Boston Red Sox broadcaster Joe Castiglione discusses the good (and sometimes bad) that Beantown has had to offer lately.

On the Road to Traffic…& Greatness

Segment 1: You can’t get around it, past it, or through it.  Road construction continues across the region, and the guys use this time to vent a little more on all of the orange barrels and cones.  Then, they get into the ongoing NBA and NHL postseasons, including a preview of the Stanley Cup “Semifinals”.